Why America should/shouldn't adopt an Universal Health Care System?

Why America should/shouldn't adopt an Universal Health Care System? Topic: Why i would like to attend college essay
June 19, 2019 / By Doriane
Question: I need some help on what main points i should talk about in my essay; whether its for or oppose. And I need something that's extensive enough for 10 pages.
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Cassie Cassie | 3 days ago
A properly run and maintained Universal Health Care system is a great premise and is great in theory. However it would not work in the USA for the simple reason is that it is not practical in a nation as large as the USA, both in land Area and population. The costs would be astronomical, and wait times to get into specialists would go from weeks to months. Currently the USA medical system does not have enough medical personnel to handle the current amount of patients. Several hospitals are understaffed, and colleges cannot turn out new employees quick enough to handle the demand. Currently a person can usually get into their General practitioner within a few days and specialists take up to two weeks depending on the severity of the reason. Now if you add to this system 50 million more people at the current staffing levels wait times will go to weeks for GP and months for specialists. Also the costs with health care will not drop as significantly as people think. You still have to pay doctors high salaries to make it worth their while to attend college for 12 years. Nurses will also require high pay. How do you maintain these costs without generating revenue through taxes. Nations like Canada and the UK have high tax rates to cover these costs. The last point is do you want the government in charge of your health care. Say you go to the doctor and it is determined that you are overweight and because of it you have high chlorestrol. Well the government would be able to tell you to start exercising and eating healthy and you have 6 months to lower your chlorestrol or else face heavy fines and possible prison time. Also do you really want the government incharge of your health? I know I don't.
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Cassie Originally Answered: Universal Health Care?
I am against universal health care. 1. Not enough money to support it. 2. Longer waits to see surgeons and doctors. 3. People will run to the doctor for every little thing. 4. It will lower doctors pay, therefore eventually lowering the quality of doctors. 5. More money taken from the rich and given to the poor. 6. Insurance is not that expensive, make a "sacrifice" and not buy beer or cigarettes for one week a month and put that money towards insurance. 7. Not the government's job to give handouts.

Annabelinda Annabelinda
The Presidents Health care Bill will cover those too poor to afford health care insurance. At the present time most children from indigent families are covered under the S-CHIP program. In addition, the Bill will enable small Companies to buy health care insurance for their employees at a an affordable cost. It is also supposed to control health care costs, stop duplication of services and prevent insurance companies from denying care or stopping care for preexisting conditions. Those of us already covered by Private Insurance through our employers, would continue to be covered by that Insurance. The Private Insurer would be subject to rules for not dropping coverage for preexisting conditions, changing jobs etc. So, yes I think the President's plan is a good one and should be put in place. Universal Health Care, as in a plan where all citizens are covered by one Federal Insurance Program, not so much.
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Winfrid Winfrid
Simple Costs need to go down and coverage needs to go up, and People need to be Insured, see the Doctor and be taken Care of, all americans have to apply by the Laws of the Land and Health Care Reform is the Law of the Land so how about adopt that.
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Shallum Shallum
A universal health care system is a great idea. It would lessen medical costs per person by a lot. Every other industrial country uses this system, and their costs are much less, and everyone is covered. They also have longer life expectencies, and better outcomes on just about every illness. It would also mean everyone is covered, so we wouldn't have the uninsured. It also focuses on preventative care, so people are healthier.
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Neville Neville
We don't need it because we already had health care in the first place. What we should do is deny coverage to illegal aliens. The trillions in savings could be used on Americans that don't have coverage.
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Neville Originally Answered: If Universal Health Care would cost $100billion &MediCaid/Care cost $300+billion couldn't we end both for UHC?
I like the way your thinking and if implemented I believe it would work, but unfortunately there are some people that don't see that when the poor do better, we all do better. Ben is correct, a perfect society is only out of reach because of the Human elements involved. I don't know if time will ever change that, but I'm not going quit trying in the meantime. Imagine if you were on a tall building looking down into an area with a bunch of animals (Pick your favorite) and those animals had a society like the human race.....some were killing each other, some were stealing from others, some had elaborate homes while others slept out in the elements. Some had other animals that helped them when they were sick and some were just left to die. Some were fat from having so much and just eating it and throwing away what they didn't eat while some of the animals starved to death....... I would think that any reasonable person watching those animals would conclude that this was not natural and an abberation of nature.

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