A good subject for the last body paragraph of my Essay: concerning the Iliad and the Odyssey?

A good subject for the last body paragraph of my Essay: concerning the Iliad and the Odyssey? Topic: Writing the body paragraphs in an essay
June 17, 2019 / By Doreen
Question: I have written the the Introduction and four out of five body paragraphs for an essay I am writing about heroism in The Iliad and The Odyssey. The assignment is to write about the Ancient Greek definition of a hero. For the first four body paragraphs, I have chosen one character per a paragraph, and discussed their heroic qualities and unheroic qualities. I used Achilles, Hector, Odyseuss, and Nestor, but I am struggling with what to write for the fifth paragraph. I can't hink of any more characters to analyze ( they can't be gods), and I wonder if it would be correct structure-wise to do something other than about a new character. I would appreciate any suggestions! p.s. The fifth paragraph is not the conclusion. The conclusion will be a separate paragraph following that I'm talking about.....thank you very much though!! :)
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Best Answers: A good subject for the last body paragraph of my Essay: concerning the Iliad and the Odyssey?

Cassiah Cassiah | 1 day ago
I think that Argos fits the Greek definition of a hero quite well. Although there is scant information written about Argos, what little there is, borders on godly. Argos, like most good and virtuous dogs is loyal. Admittedly, he isn't out saving anyone or valiantly and courageously fighting some battle. He isn't looking for glory. Sitting on a pile of dung for close to seven years is hardly a glorious existence, but he does this with humility and a certain amount of dignity. He doesn't complain or whine. He waits patiently with determination and faith to someday see his master's return, and with Odyseuss' return, the return of justice. And while he will not have much to report, his vigilance and endurance are testimony enough. His only goal in life is to see his master's return so that he can make his final journey to the underworld in peace. Argos, like all of the Greek heroes has been granted immortality in the pages of "The Odyssey" as a testament to his heroism.
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Cassiah Originally Answered: I need an good introduction paragraph, or a start of one for my essay on the Odyssey. I am very confused?
I think one of the best ways to start off an essay on Homer is with a quote. You should find a quote which highlights your issue and give it the place of the first paragraph, the second paragraph then used to introduce the character, the following to introduce the change, etc, etc. But that's just my opinion.

Anna Anna
Instead of writing a new paragraph at the end you could put in one before you get into specific characters and just talk about the qualities of hero's in general. Then go into specifics about each character.
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Windsor Windsor
The last body of the paragraph should be the "Closing Paragraph," basically summing up - coming to a conclusion - from the information the previous paragraphs contained. Maybe you might want to conclude thought each was an hero in their own right the common denominator amoung your heros is _______________ ! Or the differences?
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Seymour Seymour
Use your concluding remarks as a means of presenting how the characters you have examined present the inherent relationship between ancient conceptions of heroism and violence.
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Seymour Originally Answered: What would be a good beginning for my last body paragraph for an expository essay?
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