My 4 year old scratched her vagina and it bleeds, should I be worried?

My 4 year old scratched her vagina and it bleeds, should I be worried? Topic: Case sensitive order by
June 17, 2019 / By Dorcia
Question: My daughter only 4 years old scratched her vagina and I learned about it only when I am about to change her panty. I saw about 4 drops of blood and some other light coloured discharge beside the blood. I am suspecting the blood was due to her scratching because whenever she scratches any part of her body, it always end up having cuts. Plus the other light coloured discharge appeared vertically probably in the same direction she scratched her soft part. My question is, should I be worried? I have read that vaginal itching in young girls are common because of irritation due to bubble baths and soaps, but what I want to know if it's alright that she had cut herself (I've checked her vagina and it looked irritated and reddish). Also, would this in any way affect her virginity? I have noticed the blood marks are on the upper portion of the vagina though, but still I'm paranoid. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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Cassandra Cassandra | 9 days ago
Hi Rona, I hope I can help you out. First off, yes, vaginal irritation can be caused by allergies to bubble baths, soaps, and even laundry detergent. Try laying off of heavily scented products, use mild ones for sensitive skin, and absolutely no bubble baths. If this helps, you've found the problem. As for her virginity, simply scratching her vagina will not cause her hymen to break. The hymen is located at the opening of the uterus, and once broken, semen can then enter the uterus. In order for her to break her own hymen, she would literally have to use an object and be putting it inside of herself. Do not worry about her hymen. If her vagina is irritated, you can always buy some creams (just in case) and apply those. If she scratches her body and it bleeds, it may be because of the length of her nails. If they are long, keep them well groomed and short: if she's 4, she doesn't need long nails! Also, the discharge may have just been the separation of the blood. I hope I was of some assistance.
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When I had sex with my boyfriend last year for the first time, my hymen got broken. It did bleed when this happened. My boyfriend's penis was like all covered up with blood. I feel that you have broken your hymen by masturbating, but the thing is that you didn't bleed which sounds very strange to me. As you said, your parents will be disappointed after hearing that you've broken your hymen, you have only one option, go visit a doctor and get your vagina checked. The doctor will make 100% sure whether you've broken your hymen or not. Don't get embarrassed in meeting the doctor. If you find that your hymen is really broken, then if you are so concerned about your hymen, then you may get it reconstructed by hymenoplasty which may cost you around $ 800. All the best.
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Wilton Wilton
The coloring out of the wound is the liquid that blOcks blood from gushing out till she is dry. And her opening hasn't developed so her verginity Is fine. Remember that the tissue is sensitive so it will be irratated but will calm
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Seth Seth
I'm sure it's nothing, but to be safe I'd get it checked out by a professional because she COULD of been sexually abused by someone. Good luck.
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