Walmart shoppers.help please?

Walmart shoppers.help please? Topic: I go shopping essays
June 19, 2019 / By Donella
Question: For an english essay in school, i have to people-watch and write about it (yeah, im serious). Every time I go to Walmart it seems like there are a bunch of weirdos there. So, Walmart shoppers, when is the best time to people-watch at Walmart? When are most of the nuts shopping? Thanks in advance!
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Caryl Caryl | 5 days ago
I know it is too far away but I learned the hard way that if you go to a WalMart at 2:00am near Christmas... You'll see some REALLY freaking strange people. (This was in Tucson, AZ) Where I live now, the Walmart Shoppers span the globe... On a Friday Evening, you'll see West Asian/Indian Women dressed in beautiful traditional dresses stopping by to pick something up on the way to the party... On a Friday Evening, you'll see the 80'some'odd year old Muslim Woman in the FULL BLOWN black Burka with the mesh where the eye hole usually is so you can't even see her eyes waiting with a male relative while another male relative goes to get the car. On a Friday Evening, you'll see white people of all economic levels. On a Friday Evening, you'll see Asian Teenyboppers covered in glitter. If it exists, you'll see it at my Walmart just outside of the City of Chicago!
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Angie Angie
You have to write about weird people or shoppers? Is Walmart the target that your teacher named? I suggest you study the instructors in your school if you really want to write a good paper on weird people.
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Willy Willy
Weekends during the days. I'd say 1pm-4pm would be the worst. You might not even have to go inside to get enough detail for your paper. Maybe just camp out in the parking lot : ) I'd say get your hands on a flyer and see when toilet paper goes on sale. That's the worst. Or diapers.
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Selah Selah
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