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June 17, 2019 / By Dominique
Question: Please answer appropriately...its for my essay (english). If possible please include relevant websites and quotes. btw the texts I am doing are the day of the triffids and the day after tomorrow. Science Fiction isn't one of the genres that appeal to me, so your help will be greatly appreciated. thx!!!!
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Carrie Carrie | 2 days ago
Use this for your essay: Movies that ignore science Whether they’re containing a deadly virus or nuking a meteor, these movies disregard science. » Worst offenders Top 10 historically inaccurate movies The year's five highest-paid actors From tonights front page of Yahoo. Science Fiction isn't factual!!!! If you get an A email me.
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Carrie Originally Answered: How should I end my science fiction story?
How about: She hates her life and always dreams she was someone else. So one day she's upset and depressed from being teased at school. She comes home to find that her mom bought a mirror at an antique shop and put it in her room. The girl goes to the mirror after one of her depressive rants about hating her life and wishing she could be someone else. She looks in the mirror and is transported to another land where she becomes a girl who's in a worse situation than herself. Maybe a Cinderella with no friends or a homeless kid or something. After realizing that her life isn't perfect but that there are people worse off than she, she begins to wish she could come back to her own life. Her mom, on the other hand, thinks the daughter has gone to a friend's house and starts dusting the room and accidentally knocks over the mirror leaving the girl stuck in an alternate world. Or, the girl, in her efforts to get back home, spots the mirror in a market place or something and knows that's her ticket home but she breaks the mirror as she and another person struggle for it. Also, maybe she switched lives with the other girl, so the other girl who took her place is stuck too, but likes that life much better and doesn't wish to return. Or, maybe you can have it at a different angle where both girls are depressed at their lives and end up switching through the magic mirror. The girl who's being teased doesn't like her new life and wants her old life back, but the girl she switched with doesn't want to go back so she breaks the mirror in the end. There would need to be some way for them to communicate, like through the mirror or something. Bleh, I know this is confusing. So, she ends up getting what she wished for all along - which is to be someone else.
Carrie Originally Answered: How should I end my science fiction story?
With a cliffhanger or twist at the end. I just read The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Just when I thought everything was going to be alright at the end, I read the last two pages. Now I can't wait for Book Two!
Carrie Originally Answered: How should I end my science fiction story?
Why not have her 1) look in a similar mirror that she finds in the other identities world. 2) die, hence it is a cautionary tale!

Angell Angell
you are able to try countless right here books. i don't know ways unique you will possibly evaluate them, yet I large enjoyed them, and found them distinctive from lots of the mainstream styles of books: Max Barry - Jennifer government, Syrup Dean Koontz - peculiar Thomas, Watchers and a great style of greater Charles Stross - Glasshouse, The provider provider Princes sequence John Twelve Hawks - The traveler Joe Haldeman - The perpetually war Anne McCaffrey - Catteni sequence (Freedom's landing, Freedom's selection, Freedom's project, Freedom's Ransom) SL Viehl - Blade Dancer, Stardoc sequence Douglas Adams - Hitch Hiker's instruction manual to the Galaxy Dayton Ward - The final international war SM Stirling - Islands interior the sea of Time and Dies the fire (the 1st books of two appropriate sequence), The Sky human beings, The Peshawar Lancers, Conquistador Harry Turtledove - weapons of the South, Worldwar sequence, Crosstime site visitors sequence and a great style of greater
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Angell Originally Answered: Help writing a science fiction book?
Start writing. Just because you put one thing to paper already doesn't mean it can't be changed later on. Choose one option, and if you decide later on that it would be better a different way... then change it. Authors don't sit down and write from page one to the end without going back and changing things around.
Angell Originally Answered: Help writing a science fiction book?
I wrote my first novel on a typewriter. You have to make these decisions up-front when your output is all in hard copy. Rewriting on a typewriter means rewriting every word. Today editing on a computer is so easy. You can cut and paste without a problem. Irish VT is right. Sit down and write a version of your work. If it doesn't work out edit it. Once you start writing it is amazing the things you thought you knew work out diffidently.

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