Daycare dilemma!HELP?

Daycare dilemma!HELP? Topic: Preschool take home writing activities
June 19, 2019 / By Dominica
Question: My daughter has been going to her daycare for nearly a year.. The other day we find out that she can't go because my provider has to many kids and kiera was the most recent she took on. So yeah i have no daycare.. I have been looking around and i have 2 options. Go with the lady that my daycare recommended. Or go to the center here in town.. The center is very old and run down looking but she would be in a preschool type setting and have set activities and things like that real structured.. Or an at home daycare thats more expensive and is recommended to me.. I love my provider that i had to leave!! She was like family to my daughter and my little girl loved going there!! I don't know what to do i'm very upset i have to move her. I had a bad experience and i'm scared i will be sorry.. What would you do??? Which option sounds better to you? kiera is 2 I checked out the center before i wrote this and it is ok.. Seems like it would be really hard for her to adjust. She may not have the same teacher everyday and things like that. She is so used to having a "mom" like person around all the time. She doesn't adjust well to change AT ALL!! She still cries sometimes when i leave her with my mom who has been with her all the time since she was born. I just am really nervous about switching because the first month will probably be a pain with the way mornings are anyway she still cries before i even leave home to see if she can get me to stay home from work.. She is just so attatched to me.. Its almost to much but I don't know what to do.. I can't quit my job we don't have the money for that....I still havent been to the home day care but it is recommended and another girl from work takes her daughter there.... On the other hand she is so new her home daycare is starting on monday... How will i know what to expect if she isnt experienced. I raise my daughter, love her and if i wasn't being her mother I wouldn't be so worried about switching her daycare. I just do not have the ability to provide her a home and food to eat if I don't work!! It is good to give her some time with other caregivers so she can learn to attatch to others. I stayed home her first 13 months you know if i could stay home with her I would. Don't judge me for being away it kills me to leave her!! I can't be a good mother and not work! I know it is not the place for her to be in preschool yet! That is why she was with the same caregiver for almost a year and would have been all the way till 5 yrs of age if this horrible problem would not have arrived.. You really struck a nerve because all i care about is being a good mom.. Being a good mom is not being with your child 24/7 it is makeing great use of the time you do have with them. Its not like i work and neglect her. AT ALL!!! She spends more time with me than anyone else!!
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Carreen Carreen | 1 day ago
I woulsd ask both places if they wouls let your daughter go on a temp basis. Try the home daycare first then the center. Go oneday without telling them you are coming and check up and see how yor daughter is doing. You'll know when you pick her up each day which one is better. Good Luck. I now how you are feeling. Who watched our children is the most important decision that we make and its so scary now and days. Do what you feel is best for you and your daughter. Take Care Honey.
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Carreen Originally Answered: Should we pay for daycare?
I believe parents should have to pay for daycare. They need to stop looking to the state to support children that the parents decided to have. If parents can't support their children, they shouldn't have them. Just stop looking for a handout. I also think that there should be some cost to school. Maybe then parents would take an active role in it instead of leaving everything to underpaid and overworked teachers. Normally people don't value something unless there is a dollar amount attached to it. Most parents these days abdicate their responsibilities to their children to the schools and day cares. They expect them to educate them, feed them, teach them values, do their homework and discipline them. Then all the parents have to do is feed them dinner and put them to bed. A very sad statement on today's society.

Angelique Angelique
I think word of mouth is the best recommendation. Ask everyone you possibly can for a recommendation. In my area, there is an agency that tracks licensed daycare providers, and legally exempt day care providers, and you can go on-line, or call and find providers. Ask at your church, at work, etc. As a daycare owner, I can tell you every other daycare provider in my town...including the ones that aren't licensed. Just because they have a daycare license doesn't mean they are going to be good for my child...you said that you've had a bad experience, so you know what I'm talking about. There are stay at home moms, grandmas, etc, that provide care just as good (or better) than some of the centers. I decided to stay home and run a daycare so that I wouldn't have to leave my kids....I can't even imagine how scary it must be! Last, I would talk to the daycare provider that you're leaving, and ask her to put you at the top of her waiting list, so that if she has an opening, she gives you first shot at it. That way, you'd at least be able to consider a move back sometime in the near future.
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William William
I thought my son would not adjust well when we moved him from in home daycare to a center and he LOVES it. It is more expensive but my other lady wasnt reliable. He loved her though. The thing is that kids adjust well. Just make sure that the place is safe, no one can get in that shouldnt and that it is clean. Most importantly, take your child to both. Let her play for like 30 minutes in each while you talk to the parents or teachers. Go during the day so you can see what its like. You seem more worried about the center, so just drop in and say youre interested and youd like to check it out. If theyre legit, they should show you everything and let your child interact. Also, you can look online for how centers did on their last state checks. It the home daycare is certified, check on that one too. I took my son to the center hes at now over one that was recommended and newer simply because he had more fun and seemed more comfortable when we visited. Good Luck!
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Sean Sean
I would go with the center. Even though it is run down, you might want to have an expection of the facility. Have them show you around and ask, ask, ask, ask, questions? Make sure that they have a current license to run the center, have the staff members completed some Early Childhood Education classes? How many years have you watch children? Also you may want to take it one step further and contact the city hall for the number for Childcare center headquarters and do a check on the center just to give you a sound mind. Good Luck.
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Neely Neely
Its hard to say. Visit them both. Look at the kids and staff there. How do they seem to you......happy? friendly? content? It is very important here that you use your mother's intuition. The home daycare---one thing I would check carefully is are there other family members lurking around and who they are. Be VERY careful of that. (personal experience). A run down looking place on the other hand may just be an old building, but look at it carefully also. Is it safe? What is run down? If your not satisfied with either one, keep looking. Find a good church daycare or call about Head Start.
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Neely Originally Answered: What age should I put my son in daycare? I don't just want a?
I had the exact same dilemma with my first born (now expecting the second). Although I was a first-time mom, it was common sense to me to figure that until baby's one, all you get at daycare is basic babysitting services: diaper changing, feeding, sleeping, lots of crying. And all that pretty expensive too. I had visited a few daycare centers and none impressed me. And truth be told , there wasn't anything much to impress at this age. That'a what all babies do all day: eat, sleep, poop and again. when I was given the tour of the facilities, I was told about what wonderful programs they had (motor skills, singing, reading, etc.) a bunch of crap, the babies were crying their lungs out (and Primrose was one of them-as others said-expensive and not alotdifferent from others). And all of this was understandable, I just didn't want them to come at me with that salepeople's attitude "we provide the best care for your baby". I mean, pleeeeease, at least that I would have expected from them for the money I was paying. I think young babies under one don't really need gymnastics classes, or science (or whatever the daycare promises). They thrive on one-on-one attention (which in daycare is at the very best 3 babies to one teacher). when you're at home, you can take that shower later, after the baby goes to sleep. At daycare there are a bunch of crying babies at the same time, and teachers have to prioritize their needs. But after one they start the "brain development" as you put it, in FULL SWING. While I do not diminish the importance of starting working on the baby's brain since birth (and you probably heard about playing music and reading in-utero to Einstein jr.), I noticed that toddlers (over 1) are learning more as they are older and mastered a few other skills as well (listening, following commands etc. ). And this is the age and stage where I was very happy my girl went to daycare. They have class time in high chairs around the table watching the teacher, and doing the same, learning every day. So to answer your question, I do think that after one you'll see more results on their "brain development", than before. I do not deny the fact that babies learn from birth and one needs to "feed" their ever expanding brain, but it is not worth the money the daycare are asking for the services provided for that age (babysitting). You can accomplish the same thing by having the baby at home (with you or a relative if that's an option), trust me, you and your baby won't miss on anything. And at one enroll him in a more conventional setting (daycare). They just start taking off from there. Moreover, I wanted to keep my baby away from daycare the first year because of the diseases they get (frequent colds, ear infections, hand-foot-mouth, etc). But that wasn't possible in my case for more than 7 months, and the second day of daycare she came home with snotty nose, cold, sinus, ear infection. The runny nose hasn't cleared up to this day (19 mo) This is my take on stay-at-home vs. daycare for the first year.

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