Why not all airplanes taking sea routes for be fitted with sort of arrangement like a floatplane ,so that?

Why not all airplanes taking sea routes for be fitted with sort of arrangement like a floatplane ,so that? Topic: Case seat plane
June 19, 2019 / By Dolly
Question: even big commercial planes in case of emergency can safely land on sea water and float . Recently, we have witnessed in many parts of globe some plane crashes in which none of the passengers/crew survived. Frequency of air travel is increasing day by day there by increasing chances of accidents. I think , someone must have thought about the idea of floating the entire heavy commercial aircraft on sea surface if emergency demands, but it may not be feasible due to some unavoidable reason. But, safety of passengers on sea route must be the first priority. Why not big planes carrying 250-300 passengers be fitted with small float plane kind of arrangement?
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Carolyn Carolyn | 9 days ago
Airplane *does* float.. if put down properly. Didn't you see "miracle on the Hudson"? When captain Sullenberger belly-landed that jet on the river? That airliner made a PERFECT water landing, and floated for a LONG time, plenty of time for everybody to get off and onto the floating ladders and whatnot. If you have floatation device, someone will be demanding parachutes. Frankly, all the seat cushions already float. The reason most perish on transoceaning crashes is because the plane either broke up in the sky, or it crahsed into the water too hard. Neither would be helped by a pitiful few floats.
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Angelina Angelina
You can actually land an aeroplane on water even if it doesn't have a float plane arrangement, because of the air in the cabin and fuel in the tanks (it happened on the Hudson river.) However this depends on other factors such as weather and suitable places to land. Also if you did manage to land somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, a few people might die from exposure and that sort of thing before emergency services get there.
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Will Will
The chances of an airliner that is able to fly transoceanic routes being fitted with flotation landing gear ranks right up there with Mike Beech being a Delta pylot. Every airplane has trade-offs in the design and so far no a/c manufacturer has figured out a way to make floats practical and worth the cost. Especially in the middle of the northern Atlantic, right up next to the iceburgs.
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Scotty Scotty
In order to safely land on water, the plane must still have an ample supply of power to the engines, the plane would need to squarly land on the float plane arrangment. If the plane is going down, that means that the plane obviously dosen't have ample power to the engines, and it would make it almost impossible to land on the float plane arrangement. Because of this it would be more dangerous to the plane to try and land on some type of floating contraption than it would for it to land on its bare fusealge.
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
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Kevin Kevin
do you have any idea how big the floats would have to be on a 747? Besides you've seen the video of the hudson river landing? So it is possible to do it w/out them
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Hudde Hudde
Because it's not practical. What you suggest would mean slower and less efficient planes. There's a reason why 'flying boats' aren't really used anymore.
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Enoch Enoch
It creates too much drag. Is your next question: Why don't they build planes the same way as those black boxes that can survive a crash?? (because if they DID, it would be too heavy to fly)
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