New Magazine needing help with press badges?

New Magazine needing help with press badges? Topic: Cover letter of organization
June 19, 2019 / By Dolley
Question: Howdy Ya'll.. I'm in the process of starting a new magazine. I will be printing pilot issue coming in May. I have already spoke with my local entertainment center and will be working with them on upcoming events. I am needing some company press badges for myself and my employees. Does anyone know how we go about this? I keep being told to contact my local law enforcement agency, I did that, they got quiet and asked me if I had an emergency.....lol... duh... I've seen a few companies online which will print them for you.. My concern is making sure they ae legal and legit... If anyone can help direct me in the right direction I would appreciate it.... To add, I am just starting with the mag. I know nothing about publishing/editing. I was to work for a mag back a few months ago and I felt like I was gettin the short end of the deal. So I ventured on my own... Anyways.. Thank You for your help!
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Carol Carol | 7 days ago
You don't really issue the press badges; the organization being covered does. Let's say you want to cover a pro baseball game -- the team issues a credential. On the news side, I believe that the police department of big cities does have some sort of "press pass." Don't know if your city qualifies, but it's worth a call to a public relations person (assuming they have one). For many events, a letter on letterhead and business cards probably will get you going. Make them look as professional as possible.
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