I want to go to a university!?

I want to go to a university!? Topic: Writing a essay for graduate school
June 17, 2019 / By Dodi
Question: I am a 2007 high school graduate.. I didn't go into college after high school for personal reasons. I was wondering if it's going to be harder for me to get into a University now? FYI--I graduated with high honors and I have several academic awards & I scored well on my SATs
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Carlisa Carlisa | 1 day ago
It shouldn't be any harder for you. Just because you took time off doesn't mean a university will push you aside. The acceptance office knows that there are plenty of reasons you may have taken a year off. They will look at you high school grades, SATs and other stuff, as well as what you write for your essay, so just make sure everything is topnotch and you will be fine.
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Carlisa Originally Answered: Should I go to Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville or University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for college?
Neither is better. Research has repeatedly shown that, for a bachelor's degree, long term success is equal among accredited colleges. My advice: shop for price. Avoid student loan debt as much as possible. Attend wherever you'll wind up least in the red--too many students go ahead and pay big bucks to attend their "dream" college, and then spend the rest of their adult lives in near-poverty with over $100 grand in obligations. I'd stay in-state and consider starting at a community college--the quality will be no different, and in 10 years you--unlike the people who took on big student loans--will be able to afford a new car and a house. Especially in pharmacy, that's a hot career right now.

Andy Andy
To get into a decent university, since you didn't enter right after high school they probably would only accept you as a transfering student, therefore you may have to attend a community college first.
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Wilber Wilber
i think you should apply but some schools want you to at least have some units done to show what youve been up to academically since you graduated. you should check the requirements for the college/uni you want to go to and talk to one of their counselors.
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Sandy Sandy
i don't think it should be a problem. just start talking to your high school guidance office where your records are kept. you only graduated in 2007...shouldn't be a big deal. good luck! mine is actually similar, lol. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsGjggGaz7P3VGuFbv1_pmXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080918161527AAC4oB6
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Sometimes you can find out the percentage of students who get in who were on the waiting list. I couldn't find it listed in the reference books I have. The problem with being a freshman at college this year, is this is one of the biggest high school graduating classes (across the nation). Much larger than it has been for years. So now you have many more kids competing for the same amount of spots at colleges. At one very small college my daughter has applied to they have 4000 more application this year than the norm- they are only admitting in 1/4 of them. You may be able to get an answer if you call up the admissions office at the universities and ask what percent do they feel will get in from the wait list.

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