Good TV shows? - Help please?

Good TV shows? - Help please? Topic: Crime case shows
June 19, 2019 / By Dlila
Question: I am looking for a new TV show to get my teeth into. Help appreciated. I want something that makes you think, has many layers and a complex plot with story arcs and interlocking themes. Something that will grab me and make me want to watch the next episode. I was thinking the Danish 'The Killing' because it looks good, despite the subtitles. Maybe 'The Wire', but I'm not attracted by the drugs and violence (not interested in street crime). 'West Wing'?! Arghh! I read a lot of dystoian fiction (1984 and the like) and I attempt the Classics. I already love these shows: Doctor Who (Loved it as a kid, I really enjoy the story arcs that pop up everywhere - Bad Wolf, Vote Saxon etc. And the cliffhangers - my God), also Torchwood (the spin-off), Sherlock (I really like the complex murders that keep you guessing and the characters are played superbly. Plus the humour and cinematography), Black Mirror (Nice Orwellian theme with deep issues tackled, my sort of thing), Plus all the usual comedy - Simpsons, QI etc. Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Thanks!
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Carlin Carlin | 10 days ago
I think Breaking Bad was really good. I also enjoy Doctor Who and Tourchwood. But I would check out The Wire, it's not all about drugs, it does have alot of drugs and violence, but the story arcs involve politicians and teamsters as well as drug dealers. The police who are always trying to stay a step in front of them but seem to fall behind. Also, I didn't think I would like The West Wing, but it was a great show. I couldn't stop watching it. Right now I'm watching Rescue Me, with Denis Leary. It's a pretty good show. Some other shows: Game of Thrones, Prime Suspect (UK)-- where in some seasons the case they work lasts the whole season.
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