Blue Exhaust Smoke.any help?

Blue Exhaust Smoke.any help? Topic: Cold case streaming
June 19, 2019 / By Dixy
Question: just recently my car started to put out blue exhaust smoke on cold start ups and now it seems to do it all the time...the car is burning a little bit of oil and the oil and smoke smells like gas. i was told by a mechanic friend it might b valve seals or a stuck seal or somthing like that.also it has a slight rattle coming from the timeing belt area...plz any help would be great... any1 know what it might b...also how much to get it fixed......car is a 95 honda accord 2.7L v6....71,000 miles
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Carlie Carlie | 9 days ago
I technically have some very bad news for you, Your engine has blown piston rings, this allows the oil to pass the rings into the combustion chamber at a more increased rate, when this is in the exhaust stream it comes out your tail pipe blue, when you explode oil in a certain amount, it turns blue. If it wer'e white, I'd say first it might be condensation in the pipe line but this is not the case.
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Carlie Originally Answered: Exhaust issues with smoke?
given the time of year, id say that the white smoke is not smoke but steam. moisture builds up in the exhaust and as the engine warms up that will be evaporated out. it might also be a good idea to check the coolant level to eliminate the potential for a blown head gasket, cracked head or block but that would be a worst case scenario. the black is more than likely carbon build up from a running engine, possibly a bit rich on starts.
Carlie Originally Answered: Exhaust issues with smoke?
THis is a GOOD question , but impossible to answer WITHOUT more details. WHAT KIND of car, year, make, model and mileage?? American or Asian, European, or WHAT????? Most times this means your IAC valve is clogged up with sludge and varnish Try CLEANING it first!!!
Carlie Originally Answered: Exhaust issues with smoke?
burning too rich ! if it has a carburetor maybe the choke is sticking. it might be the fuel regulator letting too much gas get to the injectors.

Andriana Andriana
more than likely it is either the valve seals are worn out, or the piston rings are worn. unless you're really handy your gonna have to take it to a mechanic. they shouldn't cost you more than $90-100 to replace, plus labor. hope this helped, good luck!
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Andriana Originally Answered: What could cause white smoke to come from the exhaust on a riding mower when it is running?
Too much fuel is black smoke, Oil is always white smoke with air cooled engines.... Make sure theres no fuel in the oil, the oils not overfilled...... is it a ohv engine? the head gasket may have blown, and its overpressurizing the crankcase making it burn oil. OR rings, but if it just started..... and its a ohv engine...I'd bet on a headgasket, they blow in the very thing spot. Yes it may stop it from starting if there was gas free flowing from either a badly seating inlet needle seat, stuck fuel float or a pinhole in the float, in the carb..... and the gas ran out and locked the cylinder with gas. Btw, the foam pre filter..... do not oil it, oil will get on the paper air filter, and clog it with oil..... the pre filter just keeps the larger junk off the air filter.
Andriana Originally Answered: What could cause white smoke to come from the exhaust on a riding mower when it is running?
Water can cause white smoke but in this case it is unlikely. Fuel air mixture is almost certainly the cause. Too much fuel and too little air gives black smoke. Too much air or too little fuel gives white smoke. Most mowers have a foam pad in the air filter which should be wetted with oil. This stops the dust getting through to harm the engine. It also reduces the airflow slightly so the engine is set to run like that. If the pad has dried out too much air could in theory cause this problem. If it is not that then the mower just needs a slight adjustment made to the carburetor.

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