I need ideas for a book project! HELP PLEASE (:?

I need ideas for a book project! HELP PLEASE (:? Topic: How to write a work history summary
June 19, 2019 / By Dix
Question: Okay so for Honors History I have to read a book of my choice and do a very creative project on it. I don't know what to do! So please any ideas will be helpful. BTW the book is called A Slave No More by David W. Blight. Thanks I appreciate all the help I can get :) :) :)
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Best Answers: I need ideas for a book project! HELP PLEASE (:?

Carla Carla | 6 days ago
You could write an alternate ending. Write a play script about two or more characters in a critical situation. Preform or film short scene [or rap/music video? ;) ] from the book or about the characters. I don't know much about the book, so I don't know if this will work, but you could draw wanted posters for run-away slave characters. You would draw their picture and describe their personality and anything distinctive about them. Create a movie poster for the book with a summary of your movie. You could make a scrap book about the character's life, or the time in which they lived. You could draw some pictures about a critical scene in the book. You could make some of the objects out of popsicle sticks/ model magic/ something that were significant in the book or were used often. You could label them with a little paragraph about who used the object (ex. a book, a shovel, a gun, a cabin), it's significance, how it was used, when the character used it, etc. Make a diorama of the house the character lived in (if it's relavent to the book), and do pretty much what I said to do with the thing above with the labeling. Create a History Channel-ish interview. You could find someone with a past connecting to this time period and ask them about it. I bet your history teacher would love that. :) Choose something that you think you'll have fun with. You'll work harder at it, and it will turn out really well! Good luck! :D
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Carla Originally Answered: Can anyone help me with ideas for a childrens book i need to write on child abuse for a school project?
Wow! Big topic. How about a child who is removed from his home when his parents are falsely accused of abuse? That would be a different (though believable) slant on it. There have been a few real-life cases where, for example, caseworkers confuse poverty with neglect (say, removing a young child from a home because the parents can't afford to properly maintain the heater). You could write about the trauma and confusion of being separated from loving parents and sent to foster care with strangers. If you want to go the traditional route, where the child is actually abused, how about a story of a child whose parents not only abuse him or her, but continually frustrate his dearest wish (such as owning a dog for the first time ever, or being allowed to take piano lessons, or becoming an artist). Write about how the child uses the support of foster care to find a way to pursue that goal (for example, he may not be allowed to get a dog in foster care, but his foster parents might allow him to volunteer at an animal shelter).

Andrea Andrea
These are some of the ideas I give my students for their "book projects" ... please don't just take my examples, consider what will work for YOU - because ultimately -the project needs to be completed and show YOUR own true knowledge of the book/novel. If you are an artist - try to draw a scene for each "turning point" in the novel ... if you think you are really good at cartooning ... do a section of the book as a graphic novel ... or a few pages. Remember to get the picture of what it is you are drawing from the text and then, if necessary - research the time period to get attire, background of what would be appropriate for that time period. If you are an actor - try doing a monologue -pick two or three parts of the plot that you can really act out ... or, you can go farther by doing "add-lib" contents for sections that may not have had dialouge, but that you can "imagine" what the person may have said. If you are more of a writer - a person who loves to play with words, maybe write a poem, essay or book critic type of a project. If you love music, put the poem or create lyrics to make the project into a song that can either be a "post scritp" or reivew of the plot ... turn it into a YouTube music vidoe?
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Westley Westley
Here's a good article to check. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/05/books/... Then check Amazon, Barnes or online bookstore for reviews. Look for ideas. If I were you, try looking for video clips and create a movie out of it. If you can trace some people in your neighborhood with people who have experienced or have seen events during the war, you could set an interview. Else, ask for some relatives or neighbors who have heard stories. A short twenty-five minutes can be the minimum (or ask your teacher on this). A good way to search for good people to interview is the newspaper archives or even the video series of discovery channel and national geographic. YouTube can be good, too. Another idea? Your own music video.
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Sammy Sammy
Well i'm in honors reading - grade and we made a journal of like a star burst type and it's easy i just need to find the name of the book and i could tell you all the details about it...... mabey look up oragomi journals on the internet. I also do like a news paper thing were the whole news paper is about that subject!! hope it helps!!!!
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Naftali Naftali
Very useful do exactly a seek.. first write Scrapbook or Scrapbooking subsequent write college, pop up e-book assignment suggestions. Surf the web browsing and write the ones phrases you wish to observed with assignment suggestions. You will observed plenty of suggestions within the web. Good Luck!!!a million
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I would research C-Difficile, MRSA, and VRE. What I would also do, call your local hospital and ask to make an appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor. Ask these questions to him, ask how they are combating these bacteria. How are they screening patients when they come in through the ER? (follow up...) How long does it take for a MRSA/VRE swab to come back? Some institutions come back within 24 hours, but my institution comes back in 68 minutes. How do you combat C=Difficile (C-Diff)? --Very important to know: ONLY HANDWASHING WILL KILL C-DIFF. Purell does *nothing*. Also, regular antibacterial wipes will not kill c-diff, only chlorox will. MRSA/VRE: Purell will kill the germs (if used appropriately), and antibacterial wipes work as well. Always gown and glove with all "Contact Precaution" patients. Try to get a gown and glove sample from the Hospital and do a presentation dressed up in your gown & gloves w/Clorox wipes, Antibacterial wipes, purrell, and soap.

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