I've really messed up, haven't I?

I've really messed up, haven't I? Topic: Writing a cv it skills
June 19, 2019 / By Divina
Question: I was applying for a job online through a recruitment agency. There was an additional Info bit and I wrote some stuff about why I wanted the job and my skills (Im hard working and conscientious etc)- they are not passing this to the employer. I just wrote a quick, rough draft in the box, copied it into Word and fixed my spelling mistakes (there were a few 'experiance' and 'oppertunity''s). I added my CV and clicked apply now without putting the new edited version into additional info. Crap. I quickly emailed the lady explaining how I was nervous and this is my first time applying for jobs after graduating (WITH A DEGREE IN ENGLISH!!!) and I hope it doesn't go against me. I included the edited version. Have I screwed up? Are they all laughing at me in their office? Can I ever get a job again? :(:(
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Carita Carita | 5 days ago
don't freak out - i really doubt they'll be put off by you. spelling mistakes are common. needless to say, you've gotta always check your work! hehe but don't worry it might slightly affect your chances. but not a huge amount.
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Andra Andra
It happens. You'll totally get a new job again even if its somewhere else. No they're not laughing at you, 99% of people focus on their own lives and problems and they're not thinking of you or anyone else. They'll probably be like "Okay whatever..." - seriously people are trying to get their jobs done, so they're not going to focus on how much you screwed up.
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Wesley Wesley
no way! you should be fine. every one messes up here and there. and maybe it will make you look down to earth and it will make you stand out amongst the other people trying to apply
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Wesley Originally Answered: I think i've messed everything up.?
im not going to be mean and say youre crazy because thats screwed up, but maybe you should have explained what your asking better? details are a little rough... http://www.youtube.com/user/lilfreas check out my advice column page starting up, i might be able to answer better there.

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