Can a United States bank refuse to add a business name to my personal account?

Can a United States bank refuse to add a business name to my personal account? Topic: Case state bank
June 19, 2019 / By Dindraine
Question: I'm taking an Intro to Business class and my instructor says that as a sole-proprietor I can have the name of my burgeoning company placed on my personal bank account so that if I receive a check from a customer with my business name, I can still cash/deposit it. He said that if my bank refuses to do this to go to another bank because they cannot legally refuse my request. However, I just came from my bank and they refused to do it. They stated that I *must* open a business account with them in order to have checks with my business name cashed/depositied. Who is right and what can I do?
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Carine Carine | 2 days ago
The bank is right. Things changed when the PATRIOT act was passed. You need to *prove* that the business name is yours - and in the case of a sole proprietorship, that means you have to go through the hassle of an "assumed name" filing with the state.
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Anastacia Anastacia
I don't know exactly what you mean by "add a fictitious business name". Do you mean that you are self-employed, but do not use a business name? But then you say you need this for deposits to your company name. (Fictitious means fake and I guess that's where I am confused!) You could check with your bank to see if you could add a sub-account to your existing account. Then you would be able to have checks that have DBA on them. That's the only way I know of, without opening a totally different account and still keeping your personal account intact. Hope that helps!
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Webster Webster
Yes and no. It totally depends on the bank. The one I'm with allows two names per personal account so I can do a business name (a DBA) on it. The other bank I was with required ANY business name to be a separate account from a normal personal account--mostly because they knew that large numbers of checks would likely be coming through it and a personal account they limit the number of checks you can deposit per month at something like 21. Unfortunately even a small business 'business' account can cost you with fees (a fee to set it up) and it'd be structured differently than a personal savings or checking account. I didn't like how my one bank did it so I went to a different bank and didn't have any problem there. So the answer is yes and no, depending on the bank itself and their rules.
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