Does this include an "accidental fragment".I cannot find one?

Does this include an "accidental fragment".I cannot find one? Topic: English essay writing lesson plan
June 19, 2019 / By Dianna
Question: My English Professor allows us to correct papers and resubmit them for final grades. Her comments on the following paper was that it "includes accidental fragment" I've reviewed the paper twice and cannot find any "fragments" Can you read over it and find it? We depend on our senses to process the information around us. The majority of us tend to use one of our senses more then the others, which lends to our personal learning style. There is no good, bad, right or wrong learning style, and it has nothing to do with intelligence nor skill. Rather it is the way a person's brain works best to absorb and store information efficiently. Often, people are a mixture of more than one style while maintaining a particular strength in one. As a future teacher it is important to become familiar with the three different learning styles so that the needs of every student may be reached within each lesson plan. They are often referred to as VAC, meaning visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The visual learner, is rather simply one that learns best by images and visual example. Learning for this person occurs through demonstrations and by seeing the structure of something whether it be how to build a model airplane or how to write and essay. They also tend to focus better on a reading assignment than in a pure lecture situation. A visual-learning student may struggle during essay exams, because they can't recall test material that was “heard” in a lecture. Next, the auditory learner is able to utilize information delivered orally, and often find it difficult to absorb the material if there is no sound involved. These students may find it difficult to take an exam in a silent room, and benefit greatly from talking about the material with others. When preparing for an exam, they are able to recall information when asked aloud. They do benefit from the pure lecture teaching method far more than the other two learning styles. While the teacher or expert is orally presenting material, they are able to mentally visualize and grasp what is being said while other learning styles need to visually witness the process or experience it for themselves. Which brings us to our final learning style, the kinesthetic learner. This style of learning involves learning by doing, in other words this learner relates to and enjoys activities that are hands on. These students love experimenting and often learn best by personal trial and error. Most people do have tendencies toward kinesthetic learning to some extent. Great examples of kinesthetic-learning can be cooking, working on a car, learning how to navigate through a computer program, or simply doing homework. Put simply, learning styles are the way one tends to learn best. They involve one’s preferred method of taking in, organizing, and making sense of information. Learning styles cannot actually tell you about a person's abilities or degree of intelligence. They do however help you as a teacher understand why some tasks come easily to some students, while seeming far more difficult to others. Realizing your classroom is made up of diverse needs among your students is perhaps the first step in teaching successfully .
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Best Answers: Does this include an "accidental fragment".I cannot find one?

Caren Caren | 7 days ago
Which brings us to our final learning style, the kinesthetic learner. Suggestion: Substitute This for Which
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Amilia Amilia
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