How do i publish a book?

How do i publish a book? Topic: How to write a good book about my life
June 19, 2019 / By Diann
Question: I'm a 13 year old girl and i love to write. I'm working on a story that is based on my life. When i am done with my book how do i publish it? I wrote it in an old notebook that i have. I am also working on another story. I am typing that story on a microsoft word document. My storys are really good. Ask my english teacher last year. I had been procrastinating and putting of my story thing about before the book of the christmas carol. I wrote a 5 page story at 10:00 at night and when i got it back she told me that she loves what i wrote because it was how marley had died. She wrote on it that i was a great story teller. But now i want to publish a book. How do i do that and is it even legal for a 13 year old to publish a book? Does it have to be on the computer? Please help.
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Careen Careen | 6 days ago
Yes, your teacher may have said your story was good. Good enough to be published? Probably not. I was told by my teacher that I was a brilliant writer when I was seven. She didn't mean I should run off and get published. I'm not trying to crush your dreams, I'm just giving you a reality check. Publishing is hard. You will not publish anything just because your teacher said it was good. It has to be written to the standard of books already published, have a good plot, good grammar, good spelling and you need to have the dedication. To answer your questions: -You have to finish a book and format it properly with the correct line spacing, font, size and so on. - It needs to be brutally edited. Publishers are not there to fix mistakes - any lazy work will be binned without being read. -You need to find either a publisher or agent who will accept your genre (get a copy of Writer's Market to find a suitable one). - Yes, it does need to be written neatly on a computer. - It is legal, but you need your parent's permission. By all means keep writing, but just be aware that you are many years off being able to write a story fit for publishing.
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Careen Originally Answered: I'm trying to publish my book?
How about try to publish your book online. You don't need to pay any fee to get your book published! The world can read your book online to decide if they want to have a print copy. People only need to pay to get the book printed on demand. I believe that every person has his/her own story to tell and has the motion to publish a book, but in reality, the traditional publishers are very critical and only want to publish books they think can earn money for them. So it always difficult for young or non-experienced authors to get their books published, Fortunately, we live now in the age of Internet, bookemon.com is a website which uses the edge technology and allows you to upload/edit/publish your book online without downloading any additional software and all controlled by your self. If you are ambitious, you can purchase an ISBN number and barcode for your book for 50$ only. With that you can market and sell your books to the world through major booksellers like, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Borders. You can allow your friends read your book online. And when the others buy a copy of your book, you can earn a piece of royalty. Overall, it's all by yourself and you don't need see any one else's eyes to allow you do so. There are many books published on bookemon, and there are also a lot of young cool authors. Come and make your own one, start from here: http://www.bookemon.com

Amie Amie
I don't think you get how hard it is. Oh your English teacher says you're good. Is she a publisher? Does she know what sells? The marking doesn't make much difference and let me put it in perspective- lets say there is one 'amazing' storyteller in every year. That's seven a school. Need I go onto how many there are in England? Very few people get published. Write because you love it. Write because you really want to. Not because you want to publish it. It's very hard to write a novel, different to short stories. it takes dedication. Good luck, but stay realistic. Btw- I don't care what time you wrote it. That just means you stay up late, not that you're a great writer.
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Washington Washington
I'm sorry but judging by your spelling I'd say you're a long way from publishable standard yet. That's why you don't see many teenage authors out there, because they simply haven't had the time or the experience to reach that standard.
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Ryley Ryley
Chihuahua, Here’s everything you’ll need to know in order to get your foot into the door of a literary agent and give yourself a chance. It’s not a guarantee, but it will help you in a lot of ways. Remember that if you are a minor you can’t get into a binding contract without your parents or legal guardians consent. Literary agents and publishers will remind you of this. Writing a book takes more than just sitting down and putting your idea into words. There are a lot of things that you have to consider. Keep an eye out for spelling and grammar errors. When typing fast with fresh ideas in our heads, we tend to forget ourselves. Check and recheck your work. Editors are very expensive these days. When checking your work over, try not to put too much trust into Spell Check if you’re using MS-Word or any other writing program. Words can be spelled correctly but used in the wrong context. Spell Check will not find those as being an error. You’ll need to know how to write an effective ‘query letter’ to a literary agent. The letter will also include a synopsis that will hold the interest of the agent, and want to make him or her ask for the first three chapters of your work. Never send a manuscript to a publisher or literary agent without querying first. There ‘are’ some publishers who will allow this, but you have to make sure you follow the guidelines for submitting to a Tee. You’ll need to know how to format your manuscript. This includes the fonts (size and type) that most agents, editors, and publishers want. These are usually Courier New and Times New Roman (12 pt). Short stories and novels are formatted differently. You will need to follow submission guidelines just as they are laid down for your submissions. Anything less will result in your manuscript sent back or destroyed unread. You will need to know what Point of View (POV) is. Know how to write in First Person Point of View. You’ll need to know the can and can not of each. Do you know how to write dialogue? How to format dialogue? This is very important and allows the author and his/her characters to communicate with the reader. Remember dialect as well. Dialect is how a person speaks. Your characters may be highly educated or dumber than dishwater. ‘Ain’t got none’ is highly acceptable when used properly by a character who is even less than street smart. Keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to have two or more people speaking in the same paragraph. Each person speaking should have their own paragraph. Some may argue this point, but to be plain and simple, it’s not the right format. It’s confusing and it’s very amateurish looking. It’s a good idea to know some of the publishing laws. The use of names and places. These include: o Delivery Of Satisfactory Copy o Permission for Copyrighted Material o Proofreading and Author's Corrections Learn how to get a ‘word count of your work. Some novels have a prologue and an epilogue. You’ll need to know how to write them and why they’re used. One of the most important issues in manuscript submitting is the proper ‘page set up’ for your work. This includes margins, indents, and paragraphs. Most editors will want to see your manuscript double spaced. This allows the editor to use his/her proofreaders marks between the lines. Most margins will be one inch all around with a ragged right margin and an even left. Are you prepared to do a lot of ‘research’ involving your work? Remember that many professionals such as, doctors, lawyers, nurses, public accountants, judges, architects, bricklayers, engineers, and police officers read, too. Do you know what a sub-plot is? This is a plot that comes ‘under’ the main plot. The hero may be after the vampire, but the mob may be after the hero as well. This is a sub-plot. Can you take rejection and constructive criticism? If you’re easily hurt in the feelings department, then writing may not be your forte. Critics will tear you apart or build you up. The best writers in the world “King, Patterson, Koontz, J.K. Rowling, and many others” have been torn up one side and down the other. You can’t please everyone. You’ll need to get a copy of Writer’s Market for the current year. This has literary agents whom you can send out query letters to. Some of them allow email queries. They also have a website. Google: Writer’s Market. I wish you the best of luck! PJ M
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Ryley Originally Answered: How do i publish a book?
There are several ways to publish. Self publishing: Paying for materials and printing yourself, having about 100 copies published, then selling them independently without the help of a publishing company. Another way is emailing a publisher or sending your manuscript through the post. If they like it, they'll call you and they'll pay you to publish it. Writing advice: make it different. Write something unique - find a gap in the market and fill it.

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