What was wrong with the Star Wars ''prequels''? (SW 1,2,3)?

What was wrong with the Star Wars ''prequels''? (SW 1,2,3)? Topic: How to write a dialogue scene in a theme
June 19, 2019 / By Di
Question: I read alot about fans of the original star wars hating them, maybe it was cos i grew up & saw the first 3 as a child but i loved them, in fairness though i've never watched the older ones consistently straight-through. Anyways was it just that the prequels made Star Wars real commercial (hence why me, a non-fan of the originals enjoyed it so much) or were the fans just nit-picking at problems of them? Yer gonna have to give me more info than just ''bad story/actors''. HOW was the films sloppier than the originals? an explanation of some sort would be better than just listing off your personal hate for the films
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Candyce Candyce | 1 day ago
I can say without one single doubt that the main reason why you don't see some of the things "wrong" in the prequels is because you grew up with the prequels being your first SW experience. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, I'm just saying that is why you see them as you do. I also have to say that by not giving the OT the same kind of attention you have given to the prequels you are selling your SW experience short ... VERY short ... because some of the "problems" can be clearly seen if you have the knowledge from the OT to compare with what goes on in the prequels. The SW craze that swept through my generation, I'm 41 & saw ep IV when I was 7, was something that can't really be understood unless you were there to experience it. I mean when you saw the prequel movies did somebody in the "crowd" actually stand up and scream "LIAR" at the screen? That's the very thing that happened in the theater I was in to see ep V for the first time. When Vader uttered those 5 words to Luke it stunned the crowd silent. You could have heard a pin drop a 1000 miles away. We were stunned silent until somebody in the front of the theater actually, yes ... this DID happen, jumped out of their seat and screamed "LIAR" at the screen. The SW OT grabbed the people of my generation and said "you think that was cool ... WATCH THIS". As a die hard life long SW fan I'm being completely honest when I say that it is profoundly sad that the new fans of SW didn't get to experience the same kind of thing we did when the OT came out. As for the so called "fans" who "hate" the prequels ... they are an ironic bunch. You see some of that in the other answers you've gotten ... they say they hate them but then really can't give you a reason as to WHY they hate them. This gives us another type of the "prequel haters" ... the ones who see others bit*ching about how bad they are and simply say, ok, these people who know SW hate them so I guess I should too ... they are the "bandwagon haters". I will say that there is actually some truth in what the others have said but the truth is "clouded" by the bitterness of the prequels not being the story that THEY wanted it to be instead of what Lucas wanted it to be. No, I'm not going to defend Lucas on this stuff. The simple truth is that when he decided to make the prequels he gave himself an impossible task ... make 3 more movies as good or better than the OT ... it just couldn't be done. Not by Lucas and not by anyone else. One of the main differences in the trilogies is that the OT is a story driven trilogy and the prequels are a FX driven trilogy. The OT had this 3 Musketeers swashbuckling feel to it given the relationship and chemistry that you feel from the big 3 of Han, Luke, & Leia. You also have the underlying theme of "who's going to get the girl" running too, at least until we find out that Luke & Leia are twins ... yeah, the siblings kissing was a pretty big eeewwwwwwwwww moment ... lol ... Lucas tried to recreate that "feeling" with Obi-Wan, Anakin, & Padme in the prequels and it just didn't work. This was mostly because we already knew how that character triangle would end up to a certain extent. One of the best things about the animated Clone Wars series is that it almost brings back the feeling of the OT in the characters of Obi-Wan, Anakin, & Ashoka. Bad story? Oh come on now, let's take the "lake scene" between Anakin & Padme in ep II. I could have written better dialog for that scene even if I was in a coma. There are many other places when the dialog being said simply sucks big time. In the end the biggest reason for the "haters" is fan ignorance/arrogance. In the 16 years between trilogies we made up the back story of Anakin in our minds ... we knew how everything was supposed to happen ... kind of anyhow ... lol ... When the movies came out and didn't match the story we had in our heads it ticked us off. We had forgot that Lucas is telling the story not us. Personally I don't hate the prequels ... there ARE problems but they can be swept under the carpet if needed. I will say that I did NOT care much for ep I, the only saving grace for that movies was the absolutely awesome fight between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, & Darth Maul. Episode II was actually kind of ok other than the horrid dialog. I loved ep III ... just a great movie worthy of the Star Wars name. May The Force Be With You ...
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Candyce Originally Answered: What should be watched first, the Star Wars prequels and then the originals, or vice versa?
I believe that the best way to watch the Star Wars films, and truly appreciate what they have to offer is to watch them in the order in which they were made, which is 4,5,6,1,2,3. This is the way in which they were released and the order in which fans fell in love with the franchise. Due to the almost cult following these movies have garnered the 4,5,6,1,2,3 viewing sequence kind of sells itself on how effective it was. Since George Lucas wrote and released Episodes 1-3 after he made 4-6, he made 1-3 with the intent of them being Prequels. A prequel is generally written with the assumption that the viewer is already familiar with the subject matter, and therefore they serve more as a connect the dots, than anything else. The surprises and plot twists that are a huge part of the movies' overall success remain intact only if you view the movies in the 4,5,6,1,2,3 sequence. Otherwise you will essentially spoil the surprise element in one of the most iconic surprise scenes in modern cinema. Also keep in mind that Episodes 1-3 are prequels. A prequel is a story that is told AFTER an initial story, however chronologically it happens to predate the earlier tale. Therefore prequels operate off of the assumption that a viewer is already familiar with the subject matter, and they serve to tie up loose ends and create a back story for the original work, or, in this case, for Episodes 4-6. Therefore, in my opinion, I would recommend a new viewer to watch it in the 4,5,6,1,2,3 sequence for the first time. After that it's fun to mix up the order and change up the way you watch, but only after you've already seen it once through. If you do it this way, I think you will have presented Star Wars in the way as to be best appreciated, and to yield the most entertainment.

Amelie Amelie
I'm actually fine with the prequels, I just prefer the originals. It's just that, with the prequels, you already knew a good amount of what was going to happen before the movies came out (that is if you're a big enough Star Wars fan). That kind of ruined it for me in some way, though I still enjoy them.
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Walton Walton
Last summer, some friends and I re-watched the films, this time in chronological order, starting with "Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace" and ending with "Episode 6 - The Return of the Jedi" and I gotta say, I did enjoy those first episodes (last made) more than I thought I would, as I was SO disappointed while watching them in theaters. The kid in "Phantom Menace" just sucked. He had no sense of scene as witnessed when he was saying goodbye to his Mother. he says, "So long" and toddles off, and that's that? He's 10 and is leaving his mother behind as says, "Toodles!" Nearly as bad was Jar-Jar Binks with his silly to the point of stupid "Me-sah go wit' you-sah" dialogue. The next two films did not improve the franchise, either, with CGI-driven plots instead of story-driven (ala James Cameron) and effects that slipped into the cartoon-like far, far too often.
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Russel Russel
It's just because people can't let go of their nostalgia and can't accept that it's the same damn story. I have many times watched all 6 movies in chronological order and can thoroughly enjoy it because all in all it is a great story all the way through, and I enjoy them all equally.
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Mosè Mosè
bad story bad acting horrible computer generated characters just no imagination- Lucas had a 1950 convertible space ship, a 1950s diner, and had R2D2 shooting out oil slicks at droids who acted like Keystone cops just an utter mess
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Mosè Originally Answered: Is there going to be a star wars episodes 7,8,and 9?
Short answer ... not a chance in hell. The so-call "scripts" that you are referring to are the mad ravings of SuperShadow ... the biggest fraud on the net when it comes to Star Wars. The man who runs the site, Mickey Suttle is certifiable. He claims to be an "insider" at LucasFilm and good "buddies" with Lucas himself. In truth the only people he knows from LucasFilm are the lawyers as he has been slapped with so many "get that crap off your site or we will squash you like the bug you are" writs from LucasFilm lawyers that it boggles the mind. The man is so far around the bend that he has even faked up a whole bunch of emails that he claims are between him and Lucas ... not true ... not one single word of it. If you want proof go to Starwars.com and search for "supershadow" in the databanks section ... you'll find well over 500 different links that go to info that prove just what a fraud Supershadow is. If you want concrete solid proof that there will never be anymore live action Star Wars movies I can give that to you also. It has only came to light in the past year or so but about a month after the release of ep III in 2005 Lucas had some minor changes made to his Will. Nothing major, everybody still gets what they were going to get but the new part states that if any one of them allow more Star Wars movies to be made then EVERYBODY will lose everything lock stock and barrel. Since we're talking millions of dollars here do you really think any of them will do it ... not a chance in hell. That being said I personally think we will see more animated movies in the future ... probably not theatrical releases ... more like direct to DVD releases because there are some really great stories told in the books of the Star Wars EU that continue the story forward into the future. Then there is the animated series that is running on the Cartoon Network. Since it was the highest rated new show in the history of the Cartoon Network I'm betting it will have a very long run. Lucas already has the second season of "scripts" done and the animation department already has half of them done. Lucas has the scripts for the third season half done also but he has taken a break from that for the time being to work on the live action series that is due to debut in the fall of 2010. That show will be set in between ep III and ep IV and will chronicle the formation of the Rebel Alliance and their many battles with the Empire leading up to the events of ep IV. May The Force Be With You ... .

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