Do i have a chance to get into an ivy league? please answer?

Do i have a chance to get into an ivy league? please answer? Topic: How to write a reference letter for a student
June 17, 2019 / By Deziree
Question: ok, well im a sophomore in high school. i have a 3.92 gpa (because i ended up with an A- in DESIGN). I take all honors classes and get straight A's in all of them. I do 3 sports, cross country, indoor, and spring track. I have received a letter in xc from the beginning and will be the captain for my junior and senior year for xc. I am the secretary of students for environmental action, and am a member of Medical Careers Club, students against destructive decisions, math league, and FATES (females forthe advancement of technology, engineering, and science). I also volunteered in a children's program this summer in our town's rec dept. i dont know if this is enough, where else can i volunteer? wat else can i do? am i doing good?
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Candy Candy | 10 days ago
I see this question all the time. Ivy League Schools have less than a ten percent acceptance rate. The highest percentage of people accepted have 4.0GPA and at least 2300+ on their SATs. One of the most important things to be is visible. Be visible in your school, city, state, and if possible your country. Leadership positions, and first place finishes are key. Being involved in ways that you're passionate about and are meaningful to you is what will make you stand out from the kids doing simply what they think looks best on paper. The great majority of students who are admitted, stand out from the rest because a lot of little things, when added up, tip the scale in their favor. Ivy League Schools look for students who have consistently taken a broad range of challenging courses (the most rigorous possible) in high school and done well in them. I recommend... -four years of English (including continued practice in writing) -four years of mathematics (including calculus for students interested in engineering) -four years of one foreign language -at least two years of laboratory science (including physics and chemistry for students interested in engineering) -at least two years of history High school teachers can provide extremely helpful information in their evaluations. Not only do they discuss your performance in their particular class or classes, but they also often write about such things as your motivation, intellectual curiosity, energy, relationships with classmates, and impact on the classroom environment. Obviously it is important that you solicit recommendations from teachers who know you well. (Just remember all the other kids getting reference letters from teachers who love them. Make sure yours are absolutely dynamite!) It's impossible for any of us to tell you whether you can get into an Ivy League School or not. I usually say, think about if there were a vote among all of the students, teachers, and administration in your school regarding which student is most likely to go to Harvard. If you don't think you would win that, then how well do you think you'd do among thousands of very qualified students all vying for very few spots? Keep working at it though and remember the worse they can say is no.
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Candy Originally Answered: Do i have a chance to get into the ivy league?
Looking great in every way. By all means look at the schools you mentioned. Keep in mind that the ivies only admit about 7-10% of the applicants. After you discount the 'legacies', the affirmative action crowd, and the incredibly rich, there really aren't many slots open to the rest of the applicants. In addition to Columbia and Penn, consider also the superb small liberal arts colleges. Kenyon Rhodes Trinity-Texas Haverford Grinnel Scripps and the rest on the list I've attached, below When you do get your SAT or ACT scores, go to one of the free online college matchmaker services and see which schools are likely to admit you. That is where the scholarship money is. Good services: collegeboard.com princetonreview.com cappex.com Lastly, don't turn your attention completely from the Illinois state schools. UI-Champaign is a world class university. Excel there and you can get into any grad or professional program in the world.

Amelia Amelia
Top 20 school: excellent Ivy: a chance. Your grades are good, the AP scores shows weighting to math/science, which also is good. If I wanted to be critical of your application it would be in the area of extracurriculars. You aimed to be well rounded - the Ivy League & Stanford/Duke/MIT/CIT do not necessarly look for well rounded: they look for stars. What do Debbie Thomas (olympic skater), Tiger Woods and John McEnroe have in common? They all went to Stanford. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll bet none of them had M800. M800's can be, and are, routinely rejected by highly selective schools. Give it a go and good luck. But apply to some quality, large State schools as well: e.g., Wisconsin/Michigan/Berkley/and the flagship state school where you live. Again, good luck.
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Walter Walter
Intensive writing classes, 4 years of one language, 4 years of math, 4 years of science (including biology, chemistry, and physics). Get to know a teacher in your junior/senior year who knows you well and will write you a strong letter of recommendation. Take the hardest college-prep curriculum available to you. Try to get involved volunteering to help out those in underserved. I volunteered to teach classes to underserved adults downtown in a city through United Way. Try to get involved in tutoring at your house or at a local school. That will look good on an application as well. Just make sure that everyone you do... you stick with. You have to show that you did it for reasons beyond boosting your application.
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Russ Russ
Become the valedictorian of your high school, take the most challenging courses in your high school, do above 700 on any SAT (SAT I or SAT II). Write a good essay, have it professionally edited. The extracurriculars are very good where they are. You need to focus more on academics.
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Mose Mose
Keep doing what you're doing, volunteer more, and you should have a really good shot. (Adopt-a-family, tutoring, help out at the local YMCA/nursing homes, there's tons of community service available, just ask your school counselor)
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Mose Originally Answered: Do I have a chance at the Ivy League?
You have an excellent chance. Although you will be up against many gpas that are above 4.0, your well-roundedness, energy and stellar recommendations will definitely put you in the running. And private colleges do love diversity and a positive attitude. I suspect you will ace the interview process. You have a wonderful life ahead of you.

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