Do I have a chance disputing this ticket?

Do I have a chance disputing this ticket? Topic: writing a statement of purpose
June 19, 2019 / By Devon
Question: I got a ticket for alternate side parking the other day. The idea is that once a week a street sweeping vehicle rolls around and they need the curb to be clear of cars so there is a "No Parking 12pm-3pm" sign on my side of the street. So if you don't follow the sign, you prevent the sweeper from doing his job. My defense is that I did not stop the sweeper from doing his job. I moved my car to the opposite side of the street like the city wants me to, and then went back inside. My room overlooks the street, so I saw the sweeper go by at around 1:45pm, so I went outside and moved my car back in front of my house. At 2:30pm a cop came by and gave me a ticket for alternate side parking, because the no parking sign is in effect until 3pm. I have a witness that can confirm the sweeper went by before I moved my car back, I have a written and signed statement from her. Now the question is - should I bother disputing this? The ticket is for a very small amount, so if I dispute it and am found guilty the "court fees" will basically double what I have to pay. On the other hand, I believe like I didn't do anything wrong because the entire purpose of alternate side parking is so that you don't block the sweeper, which I did not do. The thing is the sign technically says I can't park there until 3pm... so it all depends if the judge wants to be fair or not. So for those of you that had similar disputes - would a judge be fair and see it as me not doing anything wrong because I didn't block the sweeper, or would a judge just say "The sign says no parking 12pm-3pm you were parked there at 2:30pm it doesn't matter you didn't block the sweeper" Thanks!
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Candis Candis | 9 days ago
It's honestly a toss up. Technically, you were in violation. The Officer was probably not sitting on the street when the sweeper came by, and therefore wrote the ticket on the prima facia evidence of your car being back on that side of the street. It's not a moving violation, so no points will be assessed. The fine, as you stated, is nominal. And, you know that, technically, you were in violation. I suppose the question I would ask you is, is this a matter of principle to fight it? If so, the counter argument (also based on principle) is that regardless of the sweeper having already come by- you were truly in violation of the posted ordinance. Again- it's a toss up. Would really depend on the judge. A small town, municipal judge would get you a better chance of having it dismissed. If this is in a large city/county- then you would probably just be wasting your time fighting it.
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Ambrosia Ambrosia
I do not think it is worth it to dispute it in open court as you say the fine is small and technically you were guilty of the parking time infraction. However, I would go a little early to the court hearing (or before if you can catch up to the cop who issued the ticket) and speak with him/her. If you explain the situation to the officer much like you did here, show him the witness statement and let him/her know you now understand that you should not park there before 3 regardless if the sweeper has been by, they may nol pross (cancel the ticket, in essence) the ticket for you.
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Walt Walt
The Judge is bound to the letter of the law not the intent of the law. The letter of the law is what is written on the sign. If the intent is clearly different than the way the law was written then the law needs to be changed (re-written) but that won't happen in time to help you. Pay the fine.
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Rudyard Rudyard
you have contravened the parking restriction, no matter which way you look at it so you are therefore guilty of the offence that you have received a ticket for. as you correctly state, if still found guilty at court you will have to pay out more money. if its a small fine as you make out just pay it and dont do it again. although your intentions were good, you still contavened the direction given by the sign.
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