Looking to change your life around? read this?

Looking to change your life around? read this? Topic: Is panda research any good
June 19, 2019 / By Destiny
Question: THE TEN KEYS TO HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS: Read the following twice daily (once when you awake and once right before you sleep) and abide by its rules, and I PROMISE your life will massively improve! 1) Speed is a figment of society's imagination. The universe revolves at a constant rate, nothing you or anyone could do will ever change that. SO STOP BEING IN SUCH A HURRY! Take the time out to appreciate life! Read that last sentence again carefully. DO NOT mistake it for some political left-wing bullshit! It is on the top of this list for a reason! Notice how I don't wear a watch! Don't ever take ANY shortcuts. Shortcuts are laziness's temptation. If you take even one shortcut, you will be prone to taking another and then another. Before you know it, you have become lazy. It is always better to take the long way. You will learn more from taking the long way. Life is a race. Winning the race means nothing if you know you cheated by taking a shortcut. Victory is only worth it when you know you did your best and you won with honor and dignity. 2) Take only what you need, not what you want. The world's resources are limited. There isn't enough for us all. So don't be greedy. Take what you need and share the rest with others who need it! Life is a race, that is true. But it is more of a race against yourself than it is against others. But what does it matter if you won the race when you were in a car and everyone else had to run? Victory is only worth it when you know that you played against their best and won. So if you find yourself facing easy opponents, then you must give them a leg up. Help them until they are of equal match. That is the only way your victory will be worth it. 3) Money is the capitalist form of enslavement. It has no other function other than to suppress everyone. Let me repeat that. It has no other function! This is extremely important that you understand that, for it is the only way to ensure happiness. 4) Everything around you is a reflection of you. You unconsciously surround yourself with things that feel familiar to you. In other words, everything around you is exactly a reflection of how you think about yourself. If you want a better life, surround yourself with better things! Note, that doesn't mean you should break rule 2 and buy expensive luxuries. In fact, it means you should surround yourself with things that make you feel good about yourself. The first step to accomplish key 4 is to keep your room clean. Your room/place is your habitat. It is the biggest reflection upon yourself. Keep it clean and you will find yourself to be a lot more comfortable. That being said, you also must be sure to keep yourself clean, for the same reason. The second step is to maintain a strong sense of individuality. The world only blesses the sheppards, not the sheep. Don’t try to be like everyone else. You were designed to be unique, so don’t go changing that! Find your own path and stick to it! Notice how the vasty majority of Americans fail to succeed in life. Why? Because they try so hard to be just like everyone else. So why should you be like everyone else when they’re all failing? It is the one who truly recognizes his own individuality who succeeds in life. Name just one self-made successful person who was “just normal.” Can’t think of one? That’s because there isn’t any. They all have a strong sense of individuality. The more you try to “be cool,” the more fake you seem, and the world rarely blesses those who are fake. 5) Everyone (yes, everyone, even you) on the planet has a function. Humanity is one big mechanism and everyone in it exists as apart of it. While the mechanism does have a lot of spare parts, that doesn't mean you have to be one of the spare parts! Figure out your function and decide whether or not you want to complete it. You will know what your function is when you figure out what is your single greatest truth for you. 6) Hatred is the anti-function. It exists only to prevent you from completing your function. It has no other reasons for its existence whatsoever! It is a wasted emotion, so get rid of it! The key to making yourself happy is to make everyone around you happy. Make them feel good about themselves and they will in turn make you feel good. Be strong in your resolve. If you are confident, those around you will be confident too. That is how you earn their trust. Be confident in yourself, your abilities, and in your mind. 7) Make a definite plan and stick to it. Life is a maze, a rather large one at that. At the end of the teen years, one is given a chance to see the entire maze from a bird's eye view, and given the chance to decide which route they wish to take to complete the maze. Remember, this particular maze is also a race. The vast majority of people don't take advantage of this chance. The vast majority just ignore it and try to navigate the maze blindly. Most likely, if you're reading this you're one of those people. But here's the good news: you can still look at the bird's eye view! At anytime you want, life allows you to take a look at the maze in its entirity. All you have to do is ask and it will show you. So take a close look at the maze and figure out your own way through it. Don't let anyone discourage you. Remember, those who discourage you are the same people who haven't taken advantage of the chance. They are the same people who are failing to complete and would have you fail right along with them! So figure out a plan for your life, write it down on paper (it is essential that you have it in written form, not just in your mind) and read it out loud everyday (numerous times a day). Follow your plan through to the end. Remember, there is no such thing as failure, unless you say there is a such thing. Temporary failure is but a lesson to be learned, not a roadblock to prevent you from going any farther. Definiteness of decision is key to success. Know exactly wh want out of life and go get it! Life will grant you anything you want, all you have to do is fight for it! Remember, you are the sheppard, you lead the sheep through the maze! 8) Serve the world and the world will serve you. If you make your primary daily purpose to help others, others will help you. In other words, you serve the human race. If you make your purpose in life to better the human race in any way (even in a tiny way) then you will find that your life will become absolutely blissful. The world thanks those who serve it. Ignore your wants. Think only what others want. The world bends itself to the will of those who serve it. Think about it: who was probably the most loved person of all time? Jesus. Why? Because he served the world and the world in turn served him. We must strive to remember that the only reason why we as individuals are alive today is because society allows us to live. At anytime, society could deem it necessary or even just desirable to terminate your life and will kill you. It has happened millions of times all over the world. 9) Every time (yes, every time) you are with at least 1 other person, you must smile. The minute you stop smiling, they stop smiling. It is far easier to get people to do what you want when they are smiling. The more you smile, the more you'll actually find yourself WANTING to smile! This is also the key to getting over stage fright. If you're nervous or afraid, just smile. This applies to any scenario. I have used it on many extreme scenarios, even to talk my way out of getting mugged! 10) There is nothing wrong with your DNA. Everyone is designed only to complete their function. You already have all the tools you need. You were born with them. It is only when you ignore your function that you feel unhappy. Your happiness is entirely dependent upon your function. The more you work on it, the happier you will be. There are only three tools that you need in order to complete your function. The desire to acquire knowledge/wisdom (which you presumably already have since your reading this), the determination to acquire it, and free will. Notice how you have all three of those things. So what's stopping you? Be confident in yourself. Confidence is the most inspiring trait you can possess. Remember, you were designed to complete your function, so anything you do that is related to your function, you will know exactly how to do. This is very important to remember. Confidence is vital. Belief in yourself is belief in the human race. You have what it takes, so go get it! EDIT: THE DANG THING GOT CUT OFF, HERE IS THE REST OF THE LIST IN RESPONSE TO Q'S REPLY: Lol, simplify! Apparently you didn't read Key 1 closely enough... IN RESPONSE TO GENIUS'S COMMENT: This is by no means anything related to communism, and it is obvious that you have no idea what the actual definition of Communism is. I absolutely hate it when people think they're all sooo smart but then they just make idiotic and uneducated remarks like that. You should actually read books, not just look at the pretty pictures! Put down that fashion magezine and pick up Scientific American! IN RESPONSE TO BLAPSODY'S COMMENT: Thank you for such an extensive reply to my posting. I believe it to be worthy of an equally extensive reply, so I have sent you a few emails to discuss this further.
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Candace Candace | 5 days ago
1) Speed shows a person that you value them. It's the reason businesses compete for the image of being speedy. It's a value for the obvious reasons such as having more time for other things, but also because it's one of the most flattering things you can do for a person (if you in fact appreciate them). I know what you are trying to say about being in a hurry. I read a time management book to cope with this. It helped a lot because it actually addressed the reasons for feeling in a hurry which is a lack of practice. It's certainly not "stop being in a hurry"! That is just insulting. 2) There are more than enough resources for everyone by a crazily large margin! That is unless you want fabrashay eggs or pandas. There are more trees today than there were before the industrial revolution. There is more crude oil than we can EVER use just in the gulf of mexico alone. What you are saying is shear fiction with an appeal to guilt. I HATE it when people ask me to feel guilty about something, especially when there is no reason to feel that way. It is possible to be addicted to buying things, but that's not most people, and probably not anyone here reading your question details. 3) Money is the capitalist form of enslavement huh? Money is the agreed representation of real worth. It is trade extended to everyone. The dollar bill is hardly "money" in any useful meaning of the word. The dollar bill represents our country's debt. The more the fed prints the more it is willing to throw that created debt onto future generations. The dollar bill is certainly a form of slavery, but it has absolutely nothing to do with capitalism. Capitalism is the free market of resources and services between consenting parties. Fascism is not an extension of that. Fascism uses targeted regulations to inhibit competition (VERY un-capitalistic). There is no truly capitalistic country in the world. Countries like India are allowing enough capitalism to build up real worth so that it can later be taxed. What you are saying shows a complete lack of any research whatsoever. 4) This is an OBVIOUS treatment of the symptoms while ignoring the cause. If you are happy with yourself then you need to find out why before you can do anything else about it or else you are taking heroin for a gaping hole in your chest. So far, this is my least favorite of your suggestions as it ignores the hard work of thousands who have built up the courage to process their emotional scars. 5) There is no single greatest truth. That makes no sense. A truth value is ascribed to a proposition's relation to evidence and reasoned arguments. The rest of number five was too vague to comment on. 6) Hatred is not a methodology, not a means to any end, not a causal agent of ANY kind. Emotions are involuntary responses to the circumstances of any proposition (i.e. I'm telling you that it's wrong to tell people hatred is useless). Anger does not cause anyone to do anything. If you hit someone when you are angry then it is probably for the same reason that you got angry. Anger can't DO anything. Whether it's effective or not would be completely beside the point anyway considering it's involuntary. It's typical that our violent or unethical behavior is a result of dissociation. Dissociation is caused by (among other things) suppressing your emotions like anger. What you are advocating is anti-productive to a healthy society. My new least favorite is number six. 7) First of all children are treated as if they are only productive if they do things as the teacher demonstrates (in public schools). So how can you blame them for not knowing how to be individuals capable of creating good goals and working hard toward them? I love what I'm doing with my life and it certainly wasn't certainty that brought me there. In fact certainty was the end result. Certainty doesn't work as a methodology because it's not based on your actual behavior or values. You cannot effectively live your life by using certainty as a means toward a goal. It works in the shortest term, but it's far from lasting. 8) Jesus Christ did not serve humanity!!! Are you ******* kidding me? He invented hell! He said that people can only avoid hell by doing what he says. He treated symptoms rather than actual problems. Jesus the fictional character is one of my least favorite people who never lived for some of the same reasons I'm annoyed by your "question". 9) I don't hold smiling as a value, but it is effective for the reasons you provided (sort of).
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Astrology has a lot of truth to it, but horoscopes you find in the paper or the likes are so general that they are not worth the time the people put in to write them. It is more or less a form of getting your attention for another reason (this can go deep, but I will remain on the surface for this). I have been involved in the metaphysical relm for many years and used to do readings myself. In order to get a more accurate reading via the modality of astrology, you will need to locate yourself a very good astrologer. In short, not all are created equal. You must do your research. They will need to ask you several questions in order to do a full chart on you. It is from there that they will read and give their interpretation of your situation in this life. Again, I am being very brief about this... But I will say this... even if you find the BEST reader... it is not always true that their interpretation will be correct for you beyond what has already happened or of the present time. Future predictions are really very blind... as all you have to do is change your thinking in any way and viola! ... your future has changed~ This is why many psychics seem to get a bad rep... they may have been right at that time, but as I said, you change your thinking and your future changes. This is why I got out of doing readings. The future is NOT set in stone. I do believe somewhat in destiny... though there are many paths to getting to where you are destined to go. The path getting there is up to you and you alone. Hope this helps in some way. -Michael

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EDIT: The Keys To Changing Your Life: 1) Realize you are a "flawed" human being, but no more or less so than anyone else 2) Accept your "flaws", understand and forgive yourself. 3) Understand others and forgive their "flaws". 4) Realize that all judgments come from a particular point of view and are valid ONLY to that point of view. 5) Be slow to judge, examine the situation to understand it fully. 6) Never apply arbitrary judgments to yourself or anyone else. 7) Realize that what people say about others is hopelessly biased - for better or worse. 8) Repeat steps 1 through 7 as necessary, and do steps 2 and 3 every day. Following these steps will change your life for the better, no matter WHAT else you do.
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Rube Rube
Simplify! THE 7 KEYS TO HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS: 1) Slow down. Take the time out to appreciate life! 2) Take only what you need, not what you want and share the rest with others who need it! 3) Money has no function to ensure happiness. 4) Everything around you is a reflection of you. If you want a better life, surround yourself with better things! 5) Everyone on the planet has a function. Figure out your function and decide whether or not you want to complete it. 6) Hatred is a wasted emotion, so get rid of it! The key to making yourself happy is to make everyone around you happy. 7) Make a definite plan and stick to it.
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Ok first try to cut out foods that are high in sugar and or fat. Mainly saturated fats as theses have a tendency to not want to leave your body. Second remember that your muscles are not used to working out so take it slow in the beginning and work your self up. Start with walking for 30 minutes a day and then slowly increase until you hit about 50 minutes to an hour. Then you can start jogging and build yourself up the same way. Eventually you should hit that hour mark and that is a good routine. You can run every day but I would take at least one day break from running. If you don't like running you can also swim, cycle, jump rope, or anything that gets your heart pumping. For strength work outs you really only want to do these every other day. Again start slow. You will probably need a set of dumb bells to get good results. Remember to push your muscles to the max they can go. Muscle failure is key to building muscles. And then you want to take a day off from the work out to let your muscles recover. If you work really hard and they still hurt pretty bad even after a day of rest you should probably take another day. If you don't give your muscles adequate time to heal then you run the risk of injuring your muscles and then that will take much longer than a couple days to heal. And don't forget to do a warm up with cardio and strength work outs. You want to prep your muscles for the work out. After your warm up stretch out this will help reduce muscles soreness. After a work out cool down and stretch. A warm up and cool down should be around 5-10 minutes of slow walking. Cut chips out of your diet. Remember to drink lots of water. Don't skip meals. And eat healthy foods, such as whole wheat bread, fruits, veggies, nuts. These are all good foods. Also as you start exercising your body will start to crave healthier foods because you need the nutrients. Get a lot of sleep. Hope all goes well for you. And one last tip set goals for yourself. I really can't tell you how long it will take that really depends on how determined you are. But if you set goals for yourself you will probably have a sense of accomplishment which will boost your morale and make you want to keep going. P.S. switch up your work out routines. You can find some good strength exercises online but you don't want your muscles to get used to the work out. If they do you will no longer build muscle. So pick exercises at random for a particular day.

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