Two Windows 7 problems. Help please? Graphics Card and WoW issue.?

Two Windows 7 problems. Help please? Graphics Card and WoW issue.? Topic: Vista research
June 19, 2019 / By Desirae
Question: I just got Windows 7, and I had XP, so I couldn't directly upgrade with my files and stuff saved. So I did the .old thing and got most of my stuff back. Already downloaded all the programs and got the drivers for most of my stuffs. The only thing that I can't seem to get a driver to work for is my video card, and it's confusing because I'm able to use the computer. I have a Nvidia GeForce FX5200, and I have the FX driver for Vista on my computer. But each time I try to install it, it says "The Setup could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware." I think, and the wizard closes. But I have the card in and everything, and on the device manager, there is a PCI Input Device that I can't get a driver for. The Video Card it says is in use right now is Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I'm guessing that's the default something, and I thought it could be the card I have in now, but it only has 64 MB of built in memory. Research on google tells me that this card is supposed to have 128, and it should support Aero. But it doesn't. How do I get this card to work? Also, WoW isn't working. It says it can't initialize the 3D accelerator, please check to make sure your video drivers are up to date and you have Direct X 9.0c installed. I have Direct X, but it still won't work. So, the problem prolly backtracks to the Video Card issue. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.
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Best Answers: Two Windows 7 problems. Help please? Graphics Card and WoW issue.?

Camille Camille | 2 days ago
If you have 7,why are you trying to use Vista drivers? I just went to the Nvidia site and they have the drivers for 7 available for download.Another thing too that will help you,update your motherboard drivers.If it's one that came with the computer, go to support on your computers website.If it's a motherboard you installed, go to their website. I got your email but for some reason i couldn't reply.I checked the Nvidia site,you're right,they have it listed but when you click on it,it says not available,I didn't click on it before. Try updating the motherboard drivers,uninstall the Nvidia drivers,reinstall but right click,click properties and use compatability mode for vista service pack 2.If that doesn't work, try vista service pack 1 or even try xp service pack 3.
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You can place whatever graphics card you want onto whatever motehrbaord you want as long as the connections match e.g. AGP to AGP or more commonly PCI-Ex16 to PCI-Ex16. So you just need to check your connections. The exception to this is when going SLI or CrossFire in which case it needs to be supported by your motherboard. There is no point putting a top of the line graphics card on an old motherboard as you wnat be getting the most out of it. You alos need to make sure that your PSU supports the power increase with the new graphics cards if its a pre-built system as nromally the PSU is used to saupport only the original components The graphics card will work however I believe that the system itself could be a little better, try finding one the supports DDR2 memory rather than DDR SDRAM. As for the PSU I'm not sure but 8800 Nvidia cards do consume a little bit of power, you should look into that
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here is a good link to read about graphics cards. im not sure that your choice is the best one. your motherboard may slow the card down but otherwise i think it would be fine.
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i dont know, its a good question i will star it to see what answers you get. however the graphics cards in your link seem cheap . most graphics cards around the $200 mark

Amabel Amabel
if you think about it with online games, and new technology 3gb ramm aint enough especially with a 512 graphics card. The specs you got even though at the time it looks good enough, its pretty much out of date.
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I have that card. It's actually surprisingly good. It handles all of the latest games at 1080p (Low AA however) I've only played these games so far with it but it handles all of these well 30-60 FPS at highest Tomb Raider Borderlands 2 Dishonored Crysis 1 and 2 Bioshock Infinite Far Cry 3 Grid 2 Planetsiders 2 TF2 GTA IV Minecraft It's a really good card especially for the money. I'm probably going to go for an upgrade however. Also I have an i7 3770, so I'm not sure how it performs as oppose to the 6300, but I'm sure nothing to significant Good luck!
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no longer something. The MAC OS makes use of different id interior the enjoying cards flash than domicile windows. they're an identical hardware. the only way MAC OS hardware runs somewhat extra useful is with the help of how the working device handles information. for occasion domicile windows tousled with the recent Bulldozer simply by its scheduling, Linux used all the cores interior the recent chip completely. Its to do with the working device. same hardware different counsel so as that different working systems can realize it.

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