Today I applied for a job and they want me to?

Today I applied for a job and they want me to? Topic: Hotels jobs applications
June 17, 2019 / By Desdemona
Question: Make a resume and take it to them before 7:p.m., it's now 4:08, they have a job I can fill but it requires the resume, I'm making it but what does (keyword) mean?. I'm making it from (resume pro), mavis beacon but ran in to a part that say's keyword, what shall I put there? O.K., Thanks, got it, it's asking me blindly on resume pro, that's all it says, doesn't show me the template or anything, but I'm going to put, (General Office/Clerical/Customer Service. what do you think, do I qualify for a good customer service by what you know me here?
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Camilla Camilla | 1 day ago
Keywords are general words for your job qualifications, experience, etc... For example, let's say you are applying for a customer service job at a hotel counter. Your keywords would be, "Customer Service Experience, Computer Experience (Excel, Access, Powerpoint, etc...), Reliable, Accurate, Sincere, Genuine, etc..." you want keywords that are in line for the position. BTW, is it asking for keywords on an application? On a resume, you can generally put your achievements, experience, etc... in your own words not use keywords. You want to be succinct and accurate on a resume and make yourself shine. Good luck.
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Alyx Alyx
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