Fiction Writing, Who is the story being told to?

Fiction Writing, Who is the story being told to? Topic: How to write a point of view in a story
June 17, 2019 / By Dervla
Question: Who is the story being told to? Why is it being told? What is the point? How the heck can I answer these questions when it comes to my own stories? I tend to write real life stories with a touch of magic or something odd in it. I want to answer the questions this way: Who is the story being told to? Its being told to you, you picked it up after all. Why is it being told? Because its entertaining or a different point of view on something. What is the point? The point, there is no point. Wether its interesting, trivial or just entertaining I wrote a story I wanted to read, and I hope who ever is reading it enjoyed the ride. I do very well in this class with my stories but I want to understand more about my own writing and other peoples, but when I think about other stories I cant answer these questions? I mean "to kill a mocking bird" the "point" was to do whats right. I just need a little help here, please crack open my brain and fill it a tiny bit.
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Cameron Cameron | 10 days ago
Who the story is being told to is your intended audience. So if you're writing fantasy, your audience would be people who are fans of fantasy--or maybe you're writing "accessible" fantasy (something that doesn't require a depth of knowledge of the genre), in which case you're tapping into the "casual fantasy reader" as well. Why is it being told refers to what makes your story interesting. What makes it different from the fifteen million other books in the world? What is the point is about the moral, maybe, or the overall goal of the story. The point of 1984 was to speak out against a strong, oppressive government, for example, and to show what sort of effects that kind of government could have on society and the people. The reason for this question, I think, is to differentiate between writing a story and actually saying something. Loving to write is a beautiful thing, but if you want to be taken seriously, these are questions you always have to ask yourself when you start writing something--although honestly, there are plenty of popular novels that don't have decent answers (Twilight, for example).
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Alyssia Alyssia
I'm with you - this is an odd set of questions. I'm wondering if it's a roundabout (and rather confusing) way of trying to get you to think about your target audience.
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