Gender Studies: Why do some men feel women are?

Gender Studies: Why do some men feel women are? Topic: Case studies gender
July 24, 2019 / By Dervila
Question: after them for their money when a lot of these men are just middle class or poor? Isn't it fair to say that the only true gold diggers are poor women or men that are after the rich class? Why would anyone want your money when you really aren't rich to begin with?
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Cameo Cameo | 9 days ago
Because they're retarded. There's no other explanation for it besides brain damage or dementia, both of which are slightly different than mental retardation. In case I'm asked to provide proof, here it is. A poster on this question posted this little gem of an answer: "women biologically go after money, this would make sense because women eat to survive." People go after money, people go after food. Faulting women and women only for human phenomena is irrational.
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Alyssa Alyssa
what's with the guy who says women individuals have not finished some element in 6000 years? If peeing status up is his simplest definition of an accomplishment, particular he's ideal. convinced, such plenty adult men and women posting sexist questions are merely stupid trolls. the sorrowful ingredient is that there are a decision of youthful adult men on proper the following as the thanks to be triggered with the help of technique of their jokes, almost as good as unduly triggered with the help of technique of father custom. The ingredient about prepubescent boys (and women) is they do no longer be conscious that each and each truly one of the talk in rap song that announces "i will with the help of no ability love a b*tch" and "btches ain't sh*t" and each and each of the ranting and raving about how women individuals are boring and emotional on proper the following, is purely that - communicate. that's it. Then those rap artist and trolls run abode to their extra suited halves, or their moms, whom they position self assurance in. that's in undemanding words a myth international - adult men and women like to sound important and risky, besides the indisputable fact that more often than not they really do not look. regrettably, youthful boys do no longer comprehend this, and so as that they take care of young women individuals subsequently. young women individuals merely take it, as a results of the truth they have not been taught to have any self-comprehend. I keep in mind that adult men and women are joking and all with the sexist banter, besides the indisputable fact which will be outstanding to look each person impression little ones in a great way related to tolerance for adult men and women of yet another gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
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Vince Vince
That's ridiculous. It's like saying an ugly shallow man that can't get hot girls but goes for the most attractive girls (which aren't that attractive) he can get isn't shallow..... just because the girl isn't that hot. Women aren't the amazing creatures that can get any rich guy's money just by wanting it. I don't know why you think they are.
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Roy Roy
I know right!!! Still, you have to admit, if you're dirt poor, they probably wouldn't be after you at all. Alpha males are the ones who earn the most, who are the most successful in life. It is natural for a person to be after the best. Not directly for money, but life with them would be easier, with less financial difficulties. I think it has to do with evolution as well. It's part of natural selection that the ones who unsuccessful and capable are also less appealing. If your husband is capable, it is highly probable that so would your offspring. Intelligence and capabilities are often inherited, it's not just the physical being.
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Mordred Mordred
women biologically go after money, this would make sense because women eat to survive. so it is natural for them to gain access to food. its not politically correct but thats just what is thought in the science of biology.
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