How to tell you have a cavity?

How to tell you have a cavity? Topic: Case sensitivity meaning
June 19, 2019 / By Derby
Question: Does the shot hurt, Does getting it filled hurt, How can you tell if you have one besides eating candy or sweet stuff and If your just sitting there and your tooth hurt is it a cavity?
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Caltha Caltha | 7 days ago
The shot shouldn't hurt if it is done by a good dentist, They usually use numbing gel on the gums first, and sometimes warm the solution before injecting it. Once you are numb all you feel is bumps and vibrations, air, water spraying, that's all. It's not a big deal. If your tooth hurts with sweets, cold, or throbs on it's own, see a dentist. The cold thing can be nothing, very normal in most cases, but sweet sensitivity or throb that is unsolicited can mean a cavity. A cavity can appear as a dark spot on a tooth, but it's not always visible without an x-ray. Don't be afraid to see the dentist. Waiting only makes it worse. You can even ask about laughing gas. That makes you feel floaty and kinda giggly.
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Caltha Originally Answered: Are there any quick fixes for a cavity?
If you have pain due to a cavity, it must be a deep one then. Try some over the counter drugs, if they don't work get a prescription from your dentist. Naproxen is a lot stronger than aspirin and ketorolac is even stronger. It would be better to save the tooth, but which one is it? If it's one you notice when you smile you'll need a bridge to replace it. So just get it filled, but it also depends on the x-ray. Worst case scenario you might need a root canal, but you stay with a natural tooth and to dispel a myth, not all root canals need crowns, it depends on how much natural tooth structure is left for the doctor to work with.

Alysia Alysia
Brush and floss everyday and go to the dentist for an exam. As for the sucking in air to find out you have a cavity, it's like you said, an old wives tale. You're teeth can hurt for a number of reasons and it is not always caused by a cavity. It could be caused by gingivitis, or receding gums. Some people just have sensitive teeth.
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Victor Victor
The best way to see if you have a cavity is to consult your dentist. Sometimes what you think is a cavity is really a chip in the tooth which the same as cavity must be remedied by your dentist. Oral prophylaxis or cleaning must be done every six months, dental restoration means that your tooth must be filled. It doesn't hurt you. If you go to your dentist right away and get your teeth fixed you'll have a better smile always.
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Rowland Rowland
When the Dentist checks for cavities they use a pointed instrument to poke at the area in question. If the instrument sticks, there's a cavity there. The temperature thing is used to test if the vitality of a tooth is good or need a root canal.
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Mordecai Mordecai
use a flashlight when you look in the mirror. Have ur dentist keep the numbing gel on ur gum for a long time prior to the shot...it makes a difference between hurts a little and dosen't hurt much at all. Take 800mgs ibuprofen after. If it really stresses you, take a 5 or 10 mg valium 90 min.s before
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Keaton Keaton
The shot is just the novacaine. That's the one you should only be able to feel. For me it hurted. And it makes your lips feel all fat and bloated, and your cheeks all numb, you can't feel a thing. Then they use like other needles which you shouldn't feel.
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Keaton Originally Answered: When you get a cavity filled, what is that thin piece of paper feeling thing that the dentists makes you chew?
The paper is called articulating paper. It is red on one side and blue on the other. When you bite down on it and grind your teeth around, it leaves red on top teeth and blue on bottom teeth (or vice versa). Where the colors are left is where your teeth are contacting each other. If no color is transferred then that means that the teeth are not touching. If there is more color on one part of a tooth than on another part, then you are hitting more in one spot than another. This lets the dentist know where to file down on a filling or a crown so that your teeth fit together properly. This is done after you get a filling but, as you are numb, the results may not be quite true. In your case, you were hitting "early" on this tooth, putting more force on it than any other teeth in your mouth. This excess force can cause tremendous pain and sensitivity like you experienced. If this is not corrected it would eventually lead to permanent damage to the tooth, requiring a root canal and crown, or even an extraction. The filling was done properly. I don't understand why you feel unsatisfied. Be thankful it was not worse! If this ever happens again, don't ignore the symptoms for a few weeks before going back to see your dentist. This is a simple fix to a common problem.

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