Where can i find info on the USA virus vault?

Where can i find info on the USA virus vault? Topic: Influenza research
June 19, 2019 / By Denise
Question: I know that there is a place in the USA ( i think ) where deadly viruses are stored for scientific research (like small pox, Ebola, influenza, etc) where can i find info on this place? And what is its official name?
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You ask whoever told you he had a will, why they think that, and where it is. It's amazing how many people keep their wills in a safety deposit box, where NO ONE CAN GET TO IT, until AFTER a judge has appointed an estate administrator. Sigh. Anyway. The will, would be in your father's posession, until someone turns it in to probate court after his death, so you'll have to keep looking. As far as the home being "covered in case of death", mortgage life insurance isn't very common, so he probably doesn't have it. If he does, the executor or administrator of his estate would have to contact the mortgage company to file a claim. Your first step, is probably going to be to contact a probate attorney - if the will cannot be found, you'll need a judge to appoint an administrator of his estate. If you're asking, is there a database where you can plug their name in, the answer is no. The second easiest way to find a life insurance policy, besides going through his papers, is to go through the banking records. If they had insurance, they'd be paying for it, at least once a year, but usually once a month. You should see a cancelled check. If you're executor/administrator of the estate, you can get copies of all their cancelled checks for the past year, from their bank, and go through them. Be sure to check the safety deposit box at their bank, too. Obviously, you need to check through their valuable papers at their home. If they were employed at the time of death, call the HR department at their employer's, to see if there was any group life insurance. If you suspect they had a prepaid policy, just change the mailing address to yours - if they DID have a paid up policy, once a year they'd be receiving a statement from the insurance company. Again, if you're executor of the estate, you can pay $75 to http://www.mib.com/html/lost-life-insura... and they will tell you if any applications have been received on their lives, in the past 13 years. It only goes back 13 years, and you'll need to send them proof that you are administrator or executor of the estate. Don't be worried about someone else "intercepting" your life insurance money. If you are the beneficiary of the policy, the insurance money gets mailed directly to you. If you're not administrator or executor of the estate, AND a check doesn't show up to your mail one day, then legally you don't have access to the information - it's protected by the privacy laws. But you can always ASK the administrator/executor if there is life insurance, and who the beneficiary is. Life insurance tends to run in families. Do you have life insurance? Your sibs? Your parents? Most people TELL family members, if there is life insurance. If none of the surviving family members have any life insurance, odds are, the deceased doesn't, either. That's your PERSONAL reminder. Go buy life insurance, and tell at least two different family members that you have it, and where you keep your valuable papers.
Originally Answered: Garage door "vault" lock - How to drill a 3/4" hole?
My condolences. You are going to have to search thru his paperwork to find information about his policies. If he had a will, it was probably done through a lawyer, and that lawyer should have a copy. The best place to start looking is in the bank statements; look for payments to insurance companies, lawyers, mortage companies, etc., to find out where potential sources of information are.

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