How can I get a job/column at my local newspaper?

How can I get a job/column at my local newspaper? Topic: Book how to write a resume
June 19, 2019 / By Demi
Question: I have written a novel, but I don't have a platform. I want to establish a platform, but I'm a teen. How can I get a column at my local newspaper if there isn't a teen section? There aren't any guidelines for resume submission, etc. on the newspaper website, either.
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Calanthe Calanthe | 10 days ago
Newspapers in general are dying. Unless you live in a large city (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.) good luck. I would try talking to the features editor (call the front desk and ask to be transfered to them) ask if they are willing to read a snippet of your novel to determine whether or not it is publishable. It may or may not happen, everything depends on how much the newspaper is struggling for stories. If you see stories about unimportant things on the front page then chances are, they are struggling and you may have a fair chance. *Better idea: Look up some publishing companies (Newhouse, Puffin, Scholastic, etc.) send them parts of your book and see if they will invest the money to publish it. Since it is your first book I wouldn't expect much money if any. However, if your book sells and you write another then you can negotiate for more. You could also try finding a local publisher. In my experience there is normally at least one in every city of 50,000 people or more. See if they will print it for you, then take it around to bookstores (generally chains like B&N wont take it so go to "mom and pop" places) Sell the books and make money. You could also try Blurb for a book publisher http://www.blurb.com/
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Alvina Alvina
Go into their office and either ask to talk to someone right away or schedule an interview. Explain your situation to the person you talk to. Ask what they would like in their newspaper, but still brainstorm some ideas before you go in. Tell them that you think a teen section would obviously introduce more teens to that paper. You could write about teen news, teen events in your town (like concerts and such), teen issues, or maybe even teens who did something to help the community or something like that. Best of luck, my friend! You can do it!
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Vergil Vergil
once I exceeded 5th Grade and had to envision a speech. won't be in a position to submit the link, this is misplaced. I even have been given on the newspaper once I have been given searched final 300 and sixty 5 days... because of the fact of all the sh'i't they discovered, I won't submit the link.
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Vergil Originally Answered: How can you write a column for your local news paper?
You probably need to get your foot in the door. How would you go about doing so? Simply (and if you are really intent on it), read as much about your local community as you can, choose the topics that you like but which are also of interest to others in that particular community. Be as aware of everything as possible, also if possible start doing your own short interviews to some members, whether anyone from church, from the school board, the small business (which may be struggling or on the other hand might be really prosperous). If you do find a thriving business, that in itself is news worthy in these times! I'm seeing this from a small town point of look. If you live in a big city it is good then that you visit the city commission on the day they meet and receive the public. If the audience is able to participate, this is a great opportunity for you. And, if it is a small town, you can do so also. With all this said and done, make sure you keep records of your interviews and all sorts of notes; it will help when you submit a letter or application to your local newspaper or to your community's paper. It doesn't mean you will be hired on the spot, but the knowledge, the effort, and the experience you will be bringing to the table, eventually will open doors for you!

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