Bootcamp / vmware w/ windows on macbook pro?

Bootcamp / vmware w/ windows on macbook pro? Topic: Modes of writing activities
June 19, 2019 / By Delphina
Question: Probably looking at the 13" basic model, but if you are running either XP/Vista/7 on any of the macbook pros helps also, so here's the question... How is the battery life given running a different OS? What about heat issues?
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Caileigh Caileigh | 6 days ago
it doesn't matter what OS you run on a portable computer, meanwhile all do support advanced power management / saving features. what really determines how long the battery will provide power is how you use your portable computer: most notably (of course) is wireless network; read your e-mails in TEXT-ONLY mode as transferring a lot of graphics means a lot of bites and thus a lot of radio signal + a lot of data cached (on the hard-disk => writing) + a lot of colors & all to display on the LCD (did any1 say FLASH ?!?) the next big culprit of battery drain is... display brightness; unfortunately working with a portable computer usually happens outside or in public transportation which tend to be brightly lit, thus the display has to be bright too. any data intensive activities (turn off the spell checker & co while editing documents on battery), don't listen to Ur favorite music collection if it is on HD even external (USB stick is okay), don't use optical media. doesn't sound like fun? well, portable computers weren't invented to bring all the comfort of modern day multimedia & games machines to your lap but even though many of the features of modern portable computers can compare to decent home machines, the battery have had a hard time keeping pace with the power consumption of more power-ful and thus HUNGRY components. just like the mileage of the same car varies depending on whether it's driven nervously in the city of quietly cross-country, the time your computer will run on a battery charge depends on the use you'll make of it, no matter what OS you install on it. even thought manufacturers tend to offer utilities specific for their hardware, Apple of course doesn't offer theirs for LostDOS. but the generic utilities provided with v!$t0 or XP make a decent job too but require some more setup. VMWARE may be a different pair of shoes, as vmware virtual machines don't provide access to the hardware directly. you will thus need to upgrade the "Virtual Hardware Version" and install the latest version of the VMWare tools to get the best battery life. CPU heat LostDOS comes with different power mode settings, ranging from FULL POWER (CPU always at maximum frequency thus getting VERY hot) to power saver where the cpu is running at lowest possible speed, thus staying very cool. again, up to you.
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Caileigh Originally Answered: How do I completely remove mac os x on my macbook air and rather have my macbook windows based?
"How do I completely remove mac os x on my macbook air and rather have my macbook windows based?" DO NOT remove or erase the Mac OS X partition while booted to the Windows install DVD. The result would be that the drive would be changed to MBR partition scheme. It should remain GPT. Most versions of Windows cannot boot to GPT, but the hybrid partition created by Boot Camp Assistant takes care of that. Here are the steps.... – Get a thumb drive and use Disk Utility to format it "MS-DOS" (FAT-32). – Open Boot Camp Assistant. – Follow the steps to download the "Windows support software" to the thumb drive. – Unmount and unplug the thumb drive. – Continue with Boot Camp Assistant to create the hybrid MBR partition called "BOOT CAMP". – Insert the Windows DVD and lick the "Restart" button in the Boot Camp Assistant window. – When it is done with all the copying files stuff that Windows installers do, select the "BOOT CAMP" partition and format it NTFS. DO NOT select the Mac partition for any reason. – Install Windows. – After a couple of restarts (Yes, Windows is still junky about installing), complete the setup of Windows. – Insert the thumb drive and wait. – When Windows asks if you really want to open the Boot Camp Setup, click "Yes". – Install the Windows support software. – For Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or older, boot to the OS X install DVD (could be marked "Disc 1"). – For OS X version 10.7 or later, boot to Recovery HD (Hold command and R keys during restart). – Open Disk Utility and select the Mac OS X startup volume, select the "Erase" tab, select a format, and click the Erase button. The format you select depends on whether you plan to install Mac read-write software in Windows or not. For Mac read-write software, such as Mac Drive or HFS+ For Windows (20 bucks), leave the format Mac OS Extended (journaled). Otherwise, choose MS-DOS. NOTE: This will result in poor efficiency for that partition. For much better efficiency, connect by Firewire or Thunderbolt to another Mac that has third-party NTFS software installed (read-write to NTFS), boot the Windows-Mac to target disk mode, and use Disk Utility to format the Windows-Mac's Mac partition as NTFS. You can learn to use OS X in about 45 minutes if you have an open mind. The vast majority of PC switchers end up sticking with OS X and liking it. <0-0>
Caileigh Originally Answered: How do I completely remove mac os x on my macbook air and rather have my macbook windows based?
You can install Windows and switch between Windows and OS X as required.... https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201468 Note Windows does not use some of the Mac's features such as the heat management system etc. and so you will need to use it accordingly. The Mac's interface is quite easy to get used to - just think a version of Windows that actually works like a proper windowing system should. https://www.apple.com/support/macbasics/ Amazingly you can download files like music and movies on a Mac the same as on any other computer system and you never have to worry about viruses.
Caileigh Originally Answered: How do I completely remove mac os x on my macbook air and rather have my macbook windows based?
Just boot from a genuine Windows OS disk and start the install. Use the advanced option to delete all partitions and create a new one to load on. You will probably need more RAM and a bigger hard drive. Windows needs far more resources.

Almira Almira
I installed Windows XP on my 2008 Macbook, and the battery life in windows seemed awful for me. Its probably because the computer is not optimized to run under a different OS than Mac OS. I think that the battery would max out at around 2 hours in Windows, but that's just my experience.
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Almira Originally Answered: If I get a Macbook or Macbook Air, can I still use Windows programs like Word, Publisher, etc. on it?
You can use programs such as Parallels and Bootcamp which allow you to install windows as well as the Mac OSX. A better alternative is to get Microsoft Office for Mac, or iWorks which allows you to export the files to be used in Microsoft products on a Windows computer.
Almira Originally Answered: If I get a Macbook or Macbook Air, can I still use Windows programs like Word, Publisher, etc. on it?
I have a Macbook, and have to use Word for college. You can buy Microsoft Office (or Word) for Mac and it is compatible with the Windows version. Just save the programs as ".doc" files instead of ".docx" (which is the default in Word for Mac) It also runs compatibility checks with other versions of Word so that you can be 100% sure. Hope this helps :)

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