Really need to pull an all nighter to get homework done?

Really need to pull an all nighter to get homework done? Topic: How to do an essay fast
June 19, 2019 / By Delphia
Question: I dug myself into a hole and have gotten a bit behind in my English and APUSH class and need to have the work done by tomorrow. (5 textbook chapters of reading and notes, annotating half a novel, 8+ worksheets, 3 essays.) I was exhausted when I came home from school and fell asleep up until now (10 pm) and I'm still SO tired. How can I keep myself awake tonight and tomorrow (aside from sugar and candy, we don't have junk food with a bunch of sugar at my house) (tomorrow will be an especially long day because I have to stay after school for 2 hours to make up a test).
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Caetlin Caetlin | 5 days ago
Make sure you eat! like eggs or something not something like pasta or bread or you will be fast asleep. eating will help you think better :) I don't know how old you are but COFFEE!!!!!! lots of it! if you can. if not lots of water. don't get cold or too warm. if you get cold it will make you want to sleep more. if you get too warm same thing. move! don't just sit there. maybe pace back and forth while you read. Try to stay out of your room but if not stay off your bed. it will be too tempting to lay down and read, then to close your eyes for 5 min then 10 min soon enough your asleep. if you need to wash your face with cold water. good luck!!!
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Caetlin Originally Answered: Is It Ok If I Pull An All Nighter For One Night Only?
If you do this on a school night it WILL effect memory temporarily but you will miss the day worth of education because you simply will be too tired exhausted falling to sleep. So its best not to do that at all but especially on a school night. When i was a student i made myself a homework diary ie to tell myself how long and when i needed to be studying at home, doing it like that is great because you can plan your study time around any appointments or commitments so you always know where you are. GOOD LUCK

Almah Almah
No dont even try. 1) half it up stay up until 12 or 1 2) sleep the rest of the time. 3)When you wake up take a hot shower, or just jump or roll down the stairs 4) after school do the work until your done good luck and i have the sam problem D:
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Val Val
Me too! I have to finish an essay I have known about for weeks, due tomorrow, which I have yet to start. Thankfully I don't have class till 4pm though. Don't take a 5hr energy they're really bad for you and after 5 hrs is up you crash, also they take awhile to kick in at first.
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Rolo Rolo
Coffee, energy drinks, taking a cold shower, snack on something (preferably healthy and crunchy), jog around the house a couple of times, put earphones in and blast your ipod, do stretching exercises..
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Rolo Originally Answered: How to pull an all-nighter with your 11 year-old sister?
Well, try to stay away for movies because sitting still will cause you to relax and eventually, tire out. I usually drink a lot of pop, or find something on the internet to do (I'm a big story writer and reader on Quizilla.com, so I do that for awhile). Don't stick to something too long, unless it's active, because you'll get tired quicker. Maybe play some fun games like I Never (I'm sure you can find some intructions online, but use pop instead of alchohol). Perhaps some board games or video games. I usually read or write for a little while, get something to drink, play a video game for a little, read or write again, listen to some music, and continue until I've pulled it. Hope I helped. I pulled one last night cause a friend came over. :]

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