How can my script reach to movie makers?

How can my script reach to movie makers? Topic: How to write a good script for film
June 17, 2019 / By Delma
Question: I am in IT profession and don't know much about processes in film industry. I have a very good movie script (written by myself), which I believe can win Oscars if a movie is made on it. Recently I watched Slumdog Millionaire and liked it very much. I can't find contact of Danny Boyle on Internet to make my movie script reach to him. My movie script is based on a social problem of a male protagonist and content has the power to create waves. Such movie script is of the type which Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar makes. Please can somebody guide me how can my movie script reach to film makes in a rightful way. Please note its only my interest to write stories on real life experiences. I don't want money from this. Thank you guys for your directions. What I am looking for is real email addresses of people like Boyle, Dev Patel, Madhur Bhandarkar etc so that I could contact them directly for my script.
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Cacia Cacia | 1 day ago
you need to send your script to a production company rather than a specific director. Search online for companies and try find an address to send it off too. Good luck.
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Cacia Originally Answered: How do I format a movie script?
Can't you ask the teacher? Anyway, if you know how to format a regular script, write a regular script minus the dialogue element. If you need to see how real scripts look like: http://simplyscripts.com

Ally Ally
Actually, you would have to somehow transport yourself to California, "Hollywood" you can go to studios and turn in your script, and they will read it and say wheter its good or bad, you get a certain amount of money to make it and a certain amount of money for cast. That is how Spike Lee, Sam Mendes, Alan Ball got their start (just to name a few) companies that aren't so picky with scripts and make most of the ones that are turned in and complete are Lionsgate and Focus Features, also Paramount Vantage makes alot of indie scripts.
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Uziel Uziel
Enter it into screenwriting competitions. You can find more information on Script magazine's web site.
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Rolf Rolf
Just call up Steven Spielberg and tell him that if he does not make your movie... you will literally slap the beard off of his face. He will either say yes, or have you shanked... so it's 50/50... dems good odds.
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Rolf Originally Answered: Writing a Movie Script?
EXT = Exterior O.S. = Off Screen POV = Point of View FADE IN = First words in screenplay INT = Interior VO = Voice Over There are plenty of sites that will tell you what these terms mean, here are two: http://www.screenwriting.info http://www.simplyscripts.com/WR_glossary... There are also plenty of screenplays to be found here: www.script-o-rama.com www.simplyscripts.com www.imsdb.com Basically, a screenplay is a series of scenes, and the scenes are always written the same way: Slug line (that's where the EXT and INT bits go) Description (describe the scene) Dialogue (pretty much self-explanatory) Don't put in camera angles, don't get too flowery with your description, and keep the dialogue flowing - no ask/answer dialogue. The best book on format is the Screenwriters Bible by David Trottier. Get this, it's cheap and it'll answer all of your formatting questions. There is free software for formatting as well, go here: www.celtx.com NOTES: Do NOT use online software, and don't store your work online, that's just stupid. Unless, of course, you're writing for free. You NEVER expose your story to others until you've got your work registered and protected. Duh.

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