When you were learning your second (or third) language, how long did it take before?

When you were learning your second (or third) language, how long did it take before? Topic: Language homework
June 19, 2019 / By Dellma
Question: ...you could read a text (for example a newspaper) and infer the meanings of most of the unfamiliar words without having to look them up? I'm in my mid-twenties, native speaker of English, trying to learn Swedish. I'm devoting at least four hours a week to written exercises plus an additional hour a week of Skype sessions with my teacher, who has no formal teaching credentials (this is sort of a really informal 'language exchange' type deal; she wants to improve her already-good English, I want to learn some basic Swedish.)
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Burgundy Burgundy | 10 days ago
Too many variables. Your age, motivation, frequency of study, competency of teacher, whether you have previously learned any similar languages, and your own degree of self-confidence are all factors. I was able to read a French newspaper after a year of high school study, but I really dug into it with gusto outside of class and was studying Latin at the same time. A lot of my classmates put less into it, and so got less out of it. Five hours a week? Nowhere near enough time to reach your goal in a year or two. In high school or college you have five hours of class per week, plus at least five hours of weekly homework in the subject, plus subscriptions to magazines and newspapers available at the school, plus library checkouts, plus opportunities for interaction with native speakers in language club, field trips, movies, etc.
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It depends on how well you know how to program. Somebody who already knows a language like C would be able to learn C++ fairly quickly because they already know the procedural and structured paradigms used in both language, the main thing they would have to learn is the object oriented paradigm. If, however, you only had experience in a language like Haskell, it would probably be as difficult for you to learn C++ as it would be for somebody who had no experience programming. It's best to write as much code as you can. Work on large projects which are written in the language you want to learn (once you're confident you know the language well enough by reading books), so that you can learn how to write large programs successfully.

Allissa Allissa
I've been learning French for a few years now and I think it took about two - three years before I could get the gist of a French newspaper well enough without the help of a dictionary. Of course, by two - three years, I mean two - three semesters (5 months) of high school French with approx. 7 months of no French instruction between. And the word "text" is really general as well; you don't get the same kind of French "text" in a beginner's French class as you would while reading a French magazine in Paris. It's not really about how much time it takes, but how much effort you put into the time.
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Uziah Uziah
well I've been studying english since I was nine (I'm 19 now), and by now I almost speak it like a native, and that's without ever being in an english speaking country. the amount of time it takes to achieve fluency depends on a lot of things, like your exposure to the language and if you're motivated enough to learn it. I also took four years of spanish, but I'm not fluent in that yet, mostly because I've never had any spanish speakers to actually practice it with. anyways, hope this answered your question :)
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Rohan Rohan
well as a Spanish speaker learning French, it took me about a month to know how to read the words like( Tois pronounced Tua example), but even tho i could read the words i couldn't sometimes understand them. So it depends on what language and how you learn.
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Milburn Milburn
i've learned Navajo and it took me 2 years to learn, speak and read... now im in spanish 101 and it'll probably take me a year because spanish is the easiest language to learn... but it depends on the language too!! goodluck
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