Ramadan: Have you read some of the 'debunks'?

Ramadan: Have you read some of the 'debunks'? Topic: Have you finished your essay
June 19, 2019 / By Della
Question: Salam 'alaikum, I've read quite a lot into the scientific nature of the Qur'an, and I was gobsmacked by the hundreds of miraculous statements fulfilled in the Qur'an. Just go to miraclesofthequran.com, thequranandscience.com, and quranmiracles.com for some of them. Then, to level it out, I decided to see how non-Muslims answered these miracles. On the internet, there will be a 'for' and an 'against' for everything. I googled 'Qur'an miracles debunked' for the first time yesterday or the day before. Honestly, I was surprised to see the non-Muslims had an answer for almost everythinf (except for the numerical miracles and prophecies, which they call 'coincidences'). I saw some really long essays with quotations from scientists who 'debunked' the Qur'an. I got scared seeing at how much info there was. I decided to skip the longer reading and prayed to Allah that He would help me and guide me. Today, I decided to tough it out. I impregnated my mind with refreshments of the Qur'anic miracles, codes, and prophecies, and decided to read those essays I developed a phobia of the previous day(s). I toughed it out, read about some 'contradictions', as well as 'false scientific claims'. I can honestly say, after finishing reading the only debunks I could find, I wanted more to laugh at. Stupid, silly, and a completr fabrication of translations as well as factual statements. I really believe Allah has guided me, and may Allah guide us and them, ameen. Thoughts on the debunks? Have you read them, what's your take? Uhh did u read the Q?
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Bunty Bunty | 9 days ago
Serjo you seem to be a fairly clever guy Because you looked at the claims and the debunks, you did what a judge always does: listen to both sides of the argument before making up your mind. That's how anybody with some intelligence has to do because nobody knows everything, so we have to rely on others who know more (even this poses severe problems eg. "objectivity") Anyhow I'm not getting in the debate about the claims, I'm just going to give you an example to clarify why old texts are very difficult to extract scientific claims from. I'm going to assume you've heard about Nostradamus, and his so called "prophetic" verses. Often times when important events take place in the world ppl try to make the event "fit" into 1 or more of the Nostradamus verses this is possible because the verses are generic and vague enough to fit a broad/wide rage of events, so no real "prophecy" there, even if you could proof such an event was indeed clearly foretold it wouldn't make a big impact because it was only found after the event took place and did give no warning nor chance to prepare or take evasive actions. So there isn't a real "added" value to the verse. The Vatican has tried in the past (to it's detriment) to dictate and extract "science" from the Bible and have made more mistakes than good, plz do not make the same mistake all over again, as it still hounds the Catholic church till this day. Learn from the mistakes of others before you, in general Islam is just making all the mistakes Catholics did centuries ago, all over again, in this information age that isn't justified anymore under the label "ignorance". Mind you I'm not calling you or anybody for that matter ignorant Just trying to give you a heads up Peace
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Bunty Originally Answered: Ramadan: Only great minds can read this.?
Salam, Yes i could, read this, but I am afraid that the studies they have done is wrong. You see, when this is written "fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe..." if you see the words 'you' and 'can' and 'strange' have different letter endings than the actual words, which make the study proven to be wrong... Salam

Allison Allison
I suppose you are kidding yourselves and insulting technological know-how by way of pronouncing any of the nonsense in that e-book has any reference to technological know-how. If none of it you have been capable to notice or see for your possess in spite of having a 1400 yr head-begin till anyone else truthfully learned it then it is transparent the "technological know-how" used to be under no circumstances in there and you are all simply mendacity. Evolution murdered for well your foolish, 2d price fiction novel which has such a lot of its content material plagiarized from different "holy" books. Science wins... continuously!
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Uzia Uzia
Akhi I'm glad you got through that, but just think, before those miracles were known, people still had to believe in Islam, because the fundamental belief of Tauhid is so powerful that it mandates all of mankind to accept it without compulsion of course.
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Roger Roger
WOULD THEY EXTINGUISH GOD'S LIGHT [009:032] Fain would they extinguish God's light with their mouths, but God will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it). so the kafirs try to extinguish the light of allah with their lies, with their media and etc but allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will enshallah perfect his light even though the kafirs hate it .... We muslims must clear away the false lies that have been spoken about this beautiful truthful religon .... They make up lies like " Allah " is a moon god astaghfarallah ... Allah in the english language means GOD ... when we muslims prostrate to allah , we are prostrating to GOD .... Allah enshallah will perfect his light ... Source(s): To allah subhanahu wa ta'ala we belong and to him we will enshallah return ....
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Roger Originally Answered: Ramadan: Can you read the translation of the Quran without Wudu?
Salaams, Honest to heaven I was just thinking about this past days as I too am doing some reading/research of the Holy Koran online. Really neat coincidence. In my personal opinion, yes, it would be nice to do "Wudhu" before reading the Holy Koran online. "Wudhu" is not just a physical act to cleanse oneself but also to cleanse one spiritually. It's not just the body which should be clean before reading the Koran but most importantly the mind and spirit. Anytime you make "niyat" to read God's book (including the Torah and other Books of God) you should be clean inside and out without question. I have a copy of the Torah and the Bible sitting right next to my precious Koran. I will never touch either the books unless I am in state of "Wudhu". I can't comment on others posts but someone above said that one need not be in "Wudhu" if reading a "translated" version of the Koran. That's ludicrous! The Koran is the Koran is the Koran. Anytime you read God's word in any language and form you should be clean and in utmost humility. Salaams, Edit: I also wish to add that according to Hadeeth of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) he said that a unique and great quality of Hazrat Bilal (an esteemed companion of the Holy Prophet and the first man to ever call the "Azan", may Allah be pleased with him) was that he would do "Wudhu" on every opportunity even if not related to preparation of prayer, that is, Hazrat Bilal (RA) would do "Wudhu" after using the bathroom, or waking from a nap, or if he accidently injured or cut himself, any other condition that breaks "Wuhdu". Hazrat Bilal would keep himself in a perpetual state of "Wudhu"! The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said that Hazrat Bilal earned Paradise for this noble maintaining. It shows the importance of "Wudhu".

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