Dental Implants, how come no oral surgeon I have talk to talks about putting on temp crowns on the implant?

Dental Implants, how come no oral surgeon I have talk to talks about putting on temp crowns on the implant? Topic: Prosthesis school
June 19, 2019 / By Delaney
Question: I just got one answer regarding two different schools of thought on two different processes and preferences from two different oral surgeons (about the extractions, grafting and implants to come. My other question is, if I have good bone (which I was told appears so, why did neither mention putting in the implants the same day for one thing. I too want to make sure the infection from the fractured root is healed, stable and healthy, but I am wondnering why both oral surgeons said I have to wait a couple months then the bone graft , then wait anothe two months, then the implant is put in then the gum sown up over it then let it set, then come back again, then they cut the gum open again put on a metal ball or abutment over it then heal another 2 months then go get fit for a crown. No one has mentioned a temporary crown. Who puts this on, can I ask for it at the oral surgeon or dentist office? No one said I have this option. That would make a big difference in whether I take out the both cronws and cracked roots the same day or one at a time. I wanted to be left with one side to chew on. My concern was waiting so I had one side the chew with, but if I can get temporary crown(s), how and who does this? Is this an unusual request? I am in Arizona, does that make a difference here for any reason? I would like temp crowns or provisional prostheses, that makes a world of difference. Why wouldn't an oral surgeon and dentist offer to mention this. This entire process I have heard about, they leave the titanium implant it to set for a couple months, then I come back and they put that abutment top on that unscrews so the dentist can make an impression and have the crown made.. this can take awhile,. I was told I have good bone, but of course until the tooth and broken root is extracted, the oral said he can't tell how much graft of coral he wil need until then or I guess when I come back when it is healed. I just want to have the best, and functional process I can soon. I understand now different oral surgeons proceed differently.. but what about the temp crowns? how do I make sure I get them so I can chew as soon as allowed before the permanent crown are ready? This is allot of total months I am being told I have to wait to get teeth again.Thanks much
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Brooklyn Brooklyn | 2 days ago
Most often temporary crowns are put on by the dentist who will do the final crown. Generally wait about 3-6 months after tooth extraction before putting in the implant. Then time is needed for the bone to heal and essentially grow into the "screws" of the implant so it is very sturdy and solidly in place. After about 3-6 months depending on the bone the abutment can be placed in the implant and impression made for the final crown. At that time the temporary crown will probably be made. I generally tell people that start to finish an implant will probably take 6-9 months for a bottom tooth and 9-12 for a top.
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Brooklyn Originally Answered: Dental crowns?
There could be alot of factors that contribute to the soreness. In some cases, your occlusion (the way your teeth fit together) might be off causing sensitivity.Do both sides of your teeth fit together or does one side feel like it hits first? Does the crown feel higher than the rest of your teeth? If you say yes, then you may need to go back and have the dentist adjust the crown to better fit your mouth.
Brooklyn Originally Answered: Dental crowns?
Get back to your dentist! A crown should NOT hurt when you bite on it... if it's sensitive it's ok, it if hurts because the gum is sore it's ok. But if it hurts when you chew or you push on it, you need to have it filed down.

Alix Alix
implant is a foreign material in your body,so it needs time to adjust. you want to start chewing with your temporary crowns which will be difficult as the bone around the implant is not ready to withstand biting forces,thats one of the main reason that dentist dont put temporary crowns because undue pressure on the implant in the bone may cause bone swelling and then never ever you can get another implant in the bone again. so its better to wait atleast 6 months to get a functional tooth over the implant for it to be a success.
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Alix Originally Answered: Dental Implants?
I have, one year ago when I was 36. A bunch of extractions and a bunch of implants. In short: the thing one dreads the most is the actual surgery, which isn't that bad. The healing process will last a while, especially because the implants have to integrate with bone. If you ever broke a bone you know what I mean when I say it's some weeks of discomfort but NOT PAIN. Discomfort easily goes away with Tylenol ES. I was up and running (at a professional conference) 11 days after taking 14 teeth out and placing 11 implants. Now, my case was exceptional (I was told) BUT if you only have 3-4 implants to do I say you can be reasonably fine in 7 days. No need to delay courses. Just be careful that it's almost impossible to study while on Vicodin.. you can still go to lectures but studying? NO :) The single most important thing for osteointegration is that you drink milk because you need calcium and proteins.
Alix Originally Answered: Dental Implants?
Dental implant surgery is very much a routine job nowadays. Placing an implant in the upper jaw is more difficult than in the lower because the sinus might have to be elevated to fit the implant. In the mandible (lower jaw) the procedure is mostly simpler. In any event, placing a single implant does rarely take more than an hour. The whole procedure is not as stressful as the surgical removal of an impacted wisdom tooth. It takes about 6 month for the implant to settle into the bone before e.g. a crown is put on ot. That does not mean six month of pain. As soon as the wounds from placing the implant are healed you won't notice anything of it. After approximately 6 months a the oral mucosa will be opened to access the implant. This is necessary to fit the definite structure (crown) on it. But with local anaesthesia that is not too painful.

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