How can partice my math skills on my own?

How can partice my math skills on my own? Topic: Math problem solving with examples
June 17, 2019 / By Deeann
Question: I will be graduating soon and going to college. my math is not where it's suppose to be. A state wide test I took that give you your level of in math and reading, says I am on a 8th grade level. But I am a 12th grader and struggle with math. My reading level is on college level English. Any suggestions?
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Brittny Brittny | 7 days ago
Same thing happened to me. I suck at math but I'm amazing at English. You can try to find a tutor or get a text book that's related with Pearson and comes with a disc. The disc will give you a full tutorial of how to solve certain problems and you might be able to sign up on mymathlab and they'll give you example questions and tutorials.
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Brittny Originally Answered: Critical learning periods. Math skills versus language skills?
Yes, that seems to be correct. I don't have any internet sources, but you might search for Steven Pinker and his books, especially "How the Mind Works." That will likely get you some good sites. I have some personal experience with this. I am a native speaker of German and learned French, Latin and English before age 13. Although I have studied 10 languages altogether, those three (plus German) are still my best languages. It seems like the older I get, the more my brain refuses to learn new languages. It's a very interesting issue, because it seems to relate to the way the brain has "generic" areas that can be reassigned to new tasks. Once a kid learns language, nature apparently reassigns the space in the brain to other things.
Brittny Originally Answered: Critical learning periods. Math skills versus language skills?
Programming in any language would not require very loads of ability in math. the only reason math is so heavily pushed into the laptop technology degree is to objective to instruct pupils good judgment. in case you have good judgment skills, you are able to code devoid of math skills. guess our guidance device hasn't discovered which you won't manage to instruct good judgment, could desire to be born that way.

Alisia Alisia
depends what subject inside maths shapes? percentages? find one that you generally need help with and find a test paper online (yes you can get them) for your grade like the ones at school, Then you time yourself if it's timing and you don't finish the test papers, then just basically learn new statagies of websites or if it's basic addition/subtraction/division/multiplica... I got this new app on my phone called "Maths King" it gives you a time and how long you take to do a sum, it can be as hard as you want. I Think you can get it on computers too, it's really fun and good.
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Upton Upton
You can find old exams and practice homework all over the internet; most come with answers as well. Or "math for dummies" probably has a practice workbook to go along with it.
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Upton Originally Answered: How do I improve my math skills?
Here are some ways: 1) Be ambitious----->Aim for a perfect score of 100% instead of just a pass mark! 2)Be neat.----->It does makes a difference 3)Be showy----->Show all your working so that your teacher knows how you derived the answers to all your problem sums. 4)Be studious---->Make an effort to study and understand the maths concepts in your textbook.Just doing your maths homework is not enough. 5)Be conscientious.----->Take notes in class,make study cards,and review your notes. 6)Be clear-headed.----->If you don't understand something your teacher just said,ask him or her to explain it right away. 7)Be hardworking.----->Make sure you keep up with your lessons everyday. 8)Be positive.----->Don't believe anyone who tells you that you can't be any good in maths!

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