What makes you listen to rhh?

What makes you listen to rhh? Topic: How to write a good rap love song
June 19, 2019 / By Debi
Question: what play a heavier part? image?<--meaning do you listen because you consider srtist stylish or cool something you could relate to lyrics? production?
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Britt Britt | 1 day ago
A bit of everything (except the image part, I couldn't give what the rapper looks like, if they make good music I'm going to listen to them). I like the fact you get quite a range of topics in RHH songs in terms of lyrics, I can relate to some, others I can't but can still feel somewhat connected if they are a good enough rapper to get their point across. I also love the production on RHH songs, although a fair few music fans are anti-sampling, I'm opposite, as I'm sure a lot of hip hop fans are too. I like live instruments on rap songs too, but to me, nothing can beat an amazingly well done sample. I enjoy taking part in hip hop too. I break (although I'm a little outta practice right now), I write lyrics, I produce and I have been taught a little how to DJ.
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Aline Aline
I never really did untill I started dating my boyfriend. That's all he listens to really. So I've ended up with a lot of rap and hip hop on my computer/mp3 player, and I've realized I really like it. The lyrics, the beats, just everything about it.
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