Wat do u think of theses?

Wat do u think of theses? Topic: Thesis index
June 19, 2019 / By Debbi
Question: i am gettin borwn ugg but wat do u think of these aswell http://www.shopkitson.com/index.php?page... thanxx i meant 2rite choc brown lol xx
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Briony Briony | 8 days ago
Uggs have been a do not buy in many fashion mag's for the past few years. Although people still wear them, with little effort you can find Uggs like these at discount stores. I just saw these at Nordstrom Rack for only $89.99
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Alica Alica
OK! wow those are really ugly they have like a metallic finish.I would just stick with the cute chocolate uggs or the black ones! =)
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Tyrrell Tyrrell
I like 'em, but make sure you wear them with the right jeans or whatever. Uggs can go bad if you wear them wrong.
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Rikki Rikki
those are cute too. but i think you should get uggs first, then maybe ask for those for x- mas, because those wont match as much as uggs will. Also because they are a metallic color... : )
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Mervin Mervin
do you know if they have other colors in the metallic. I think they are cute and no one will have them because brown is the popular color in uggs, try the mettallic
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Jordyn Jordyn
those are soooo cute you should so get those especially because most people wont have those unlike the other ones.
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