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June 19, 2019 / By Deanne
Question: Why do wemen like spell the check so much? Meh...who needs it. This isn't some essay or english class now ladies. I know you all got some baggage due to past lovers but really....stop already with the SPELL the CHECK...man This is the controlling nature that results from marriage?
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Brielle Brielle | 6 days ago
I think too many people rely on spell check. Makes people lazy, if you ask me. Isn't it better to make a few errors while trying to do something, rather than relying on a machine to do your thinking for you? The people who constantly use the spell check will never learn.
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Brielle Originally Answered: Can you help me spell check and grammar?
How do you handle anger? Anger is one of the things that is inevitable in life. Everyone is human, therefore everyone is bound to get angry at some point in their life. Some tend to manage their angry actions better than others. I believe self control is something people should consider practicing. A perfect way to do so is to get involved into something that's relaxing to oneself; like yoga, boxing or swimming etc. These things build character and strength, both mentally and physically. Even though anger happens to be natural, it can be extremely unhealthy if you linger on such issues. I personally stop and think of the consequences of any action I make out of anger, before actually acting it out. Usually as I do so, I end up apologizing or forgiving (depending on the issue), regardless of the issue, to avoid trouble and to end such anger. ( Just a note, everyONE is singular, and ONE of the cats IS black ). Pretty short too. Have you thought about different ways people calm themselves down? Counting to 10? Punching a cushion? Breathing slowly? Time out? Etc etc etc etc.

Alia Alia
I don't understand what you are saying, sorry. As a married woman, I believe Marriage is for life (for forever). Marriage life is not about control, for a marriage/family life will never work, if one or both are too controlling. Marriage is about unconditonal love, whereas partners are to accept the good and bad sides of the person's personality. Marriage, in its true state, is all about harmony and peace . . .sometimes a person must be willing to consider the other persons' wishes, and feelings, even if they disagree about it or thinks its okay to do. Being considerate or respectful, is one of the many good things that make a successful marriage. Just remember this: Marriage is good, divorce is bad. I believe this to be a true statement. Divorced women/ or men, with baggage (ei children, from past lovers), should not remarry . .for they had the chance to live a married life, and blew it. Its best for them (for all people involved) to remain single, until their past lovers die, so they can start fresh, all over . .because having past lovers still living, WILL cause you (those people involved with divorced people) more problems that you bargained for. Divorced women (and men) will usually have severe controlling nature, and do not do well, in Marriage, thus is probably one reason why they are divorced. If I were you, I'd avoid divorced women. If you are divorced, I'd avoid remarrying another woman, until the woman you married has passed away. Then, you can consider remarrying, again ..and start over with your life. Hope this helps, Angela What does spell the check mean, anyways? If it is supposed to be humurous, I don't see humor in it. Sorry, if I offend anyone by what I say on here, but I am just being honest, with that I believe as the truth.
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Tyron Tyron
No it's being married to illiterate men like you who are the cause of divorce. You sound so lonely and sad, you sit here asking idiotic questions and giving the same answers. Are you really that bored? Can't find a "wemen" anywhere can ya? We in the USA like people who use our English language correctly that is all. Why would you want to get on here time after time and show everyone how uneducated you are? It is not "spell the check", lol, check spelling button right above, see it? What a trip!
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Rigby Rigby
Your bad attitude about using spell check seems to be pretty telling on why you are so bitter about marriage. No, this is not an essay or English class, but to understand what you are saying proper spelling certainly helps. Did you have communication problems with your ex-wife?
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Merton Merton
No, it is respect for the language and the people you are speaking to! My opinion of the writer is a few degrees less when spelling and grammar are ignored- unless of course it fits the context of the question.
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Merton Originally Answered: Has using spell check made you illiterate?
YES!!! One of the things I am actually most proficient at is spelling. HOWEVER....I have noticed while writing up patients logs at the end of the night that I do notice that I misspell a lot of words when I am reading back what I've written. Using a computer really makes us lazy because we "expect" the computer to "spell check" everything for us. When you have to hand-write all your notes you suddenly look like the idiot Dr. from hell. I've had to slow down and take my time...and I still look like the idiot Dr. from hell. Peace, Love & Happiness EDIT: I had to correct 3 things this time...that is a shame

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