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June 19, 2019 / By Deanna
Question: I have just seen a dog online that is in a shelter and i want to adopt him for my birthday. I AM VERY NERVIOUS TO ASK HER AND EVERY TIME I AM READY I CHICKEN OUT! I HAVE NOT ASKED HER YET. HOW CAN I ASK MY MOM TO LET ME GO AND SEE HIM AND ADOPT HIM? I have made a powerpoint presentation breaking down the costs and the pros and cons and why i should be able to adopt him. I will be paying all costs including adoptinon fee, vet bills, toys. HOW WOULD YOU START THE CONVERSATION AND ASK HOW TO ADOPT HIM. He is a 2 year old st bernard who is beautiul and does not deserve to be killed in a shelter. Do you tihink i could ask to save (rescue, adopt) him for my birthday?
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Bridgette Bridgette | 5 days ago
Talk to your mom face to face. But don't get your hopes up too high. St. Bernard mixes are rather large and may be too big for your mom. Not to mention that what you see isn't always what you get. You may be meeting the sweetest dog in the world, or you may be meeting a real troublesome problem dog. But, in the least, by talking to your mom like an adult and saying you'd really like to see about getting a dog and that you've researched costs and everything... maybe the door will open for another dog, if not this one.
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Algoma Algoma
A St. Bernard! I hope your Mom has not seen the Beethoven movies. If you were trying to sell her on a mid to small dog - may be but there is no way you could have accounted for all this dog will cost for the next 5 or so years (7 would be a ripe old age for a St. Bernard). I don't think you could convince me and I don't have to live with him. Just the $. How much per year do you think it will cost?
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Tyrell Tyrell
Make sure you stress to your mom that this would be your dog, and if possible you will pay for the shots and vet bills etc. Express your interest in the dog, and that you will be responsible for him. You can tell her this, too... 70,000 puppies and kitties are born every day in the US. Between 4,000,000 and 6,000,000 homeless pets are euthanized a year. That means between 11,000 and 16,000 animals are euthanized daily at a rate of 1 every 1.5 seconds. Only 1 out of 10 animals born in the US will receive their forever home. Shelter animals usually come with their first shots, and will also be spayed/neutered when you adopt them, or come with a voucher for discounted sterilization. They cost a fraction of what a purebred does, and are healthier in general because they are usually mixes. Good luck to you, and thank you for considering a shelter animal. It is because of all the breeders out there that there are so many strays sitting in cold wire cages dreaming of a soft bed, and a loving owner. EDIT: If she says no act mature about it. Try and reason with her one more time, but try your best not to sound whiney, or argumentative. You never know, she may tell you know and go out and adopt him as a surprise. Act mature and responsible.
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Riel Riel
I agree with everyone else, but i would like to add one thing: Its great that you want to get a shelter dog, use that when talking to your mom. Tell her that it might(and most likely will be killed if it is not adopted. So you know, it is easier to get your parents to get a dog if they have had one before. But some parents( like my dad that i dont live with) didnt grow up with a dog, because of this he is against getting his family a dog, he (and most other people who didnt grow up with a dog) is stuck on the cons. if at all possible take your mom to a kill shelter, and look at the dogs that are going to be put down on that day (THIS CAN AND WILL BE AN EMOTIONAL THING, YO MAY NOT WANT TO DO THIS) but if you do this, it may weaken your mom;s heart and open her to the thought of saving a dog. Be sure your ready for the commitment, that breed requires a lot of exercises, a lot of room, a lot of grooming. best of luck!
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Hi, A home study is a process that usually takes 3 to 6 months (ours took a little over 3 mos). Basically they are the same from state to state with only minor differences. Ours included background checks, personal references, home checks, tons of paperwork, parenting classes, medical physicals, meetings with the social / adoption worker, proof of income and a financial review, When they do your home check, some social workers do look for child locks, check the temperature of your hot water heater, and other minor things that are easily solvable, Best Wishes !

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