What to do when teen keeps acting up and suspended from school?

What to do when teen keeps acting up and suspended from school? Topic: What is case method training
June 19, 2019 / By Davinia
Question: My friends teen daughter has been acting up a lot. He doesn't know what to do because he has tried a lot of things and nothing has worked. She doesn't want to open up to him about anything and her behavior is bad with all adults. Is there a program in NYC that can help her? Any suggestions?
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Brenna Brenna | 10 days ago
Dial 211 and ask them what is available in your area. My brother had a troubled teen boy; he had to put him in a school for wayward boys. He was in from age 14 to age 18. He hates his father for it, but he had no choice. I saw the way my brothers behavior caused his son to act out, in the end the boy had to pay the cost. Sometimes fathers can be jerks. The think they have to be the heavy hand of everything. Really, when you consider what the bible says about discipline (don't worry, not gonna get all preachy); look for the boy with discipline that when he grows old he will not turn aside from it. But he that does spare the rod spoils the boy. What that means is that discipline is a must. But too many people think that the rod stands for whacking the heck out of the kid. Consider that a shepherd guided his flock with a rod or staff. He never beat the sheep but used it to guide them in the right way. Children are the same way. Beat them and you will scatter them. Guaranteed. Rather, it takes patience and discipline (training) to raise a child. I had my hands full with my oldest girl. I learned a lot about how to guide and discipline her (and her sisters - got better with experience). In time any parent - if they are willing to LEARN can become a teacher of children. That's what we all must become. Your friend may be at a point of no return. However, in case he isn't, I hope he tries a different approach. Parenting classes can help too. There's lots of people out there saying "Don't beat the child" - and I somewhat agree. There are better methods of training; only should a spanking be a last resort. Even then it shouldn't be done in anger. Sorry, but I have to think it's not the child's fault. I've seen this sort of thing before. But try 211 and ask them what resources are available. Today there are so many children who have been trouble that there may be a waiting list to get him into a program. [shaking his head he says] Good luck. "/
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Alexia Alexia
Someone has to find out what is wrong. There is a reason kids act up and out, it is not for no reason at all. She wants to get past "the problem" but does not know how to do that. A patient counselor could help, but in my case it did not help me because I was too afraid to tell the counselor my father was sexually abusing me so I kept acting out refusing to admit the real problem.
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