How Do I Quit My Job?

How Do I Quit My Job? Topic: How to write a two week notice for quitting a job
June 19, 2019 / By Darryl
Question: So for about 6 months, I've been working at this apartment complex part-time, and this has been my first job. For the first few months I did sign-spinning/receptionist work, but now I feel my boss has been trying to turn me into a min wage maintenance worker, and it's made me absolutely miserable, and it has been affecting my school work. I've heard giving two weeks notice is the proper way to quit, regardless of how downhill the job has gone. Do I need to hand in something written/sign any paper work, or do I just flat out tell him?
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Bree Bree | 7 days ago
tell your boss or hr that you would like to give your two weeks notice. some paper work may be required, if they ask why you can choose to speak your mind or stay quiet it's your choice. always give two weeks it will keep you in good standing and will help your work record when applying for a new job
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Bree Originally Answered: Would you quit this job?
Five years ago I would have told you to give your notice and find another position. That was five years ago. Now, I would say no way. I quit my job in July and have had virtually zero luck in finding a new one. It is almost an act of God and Congress combined to secure a decent job right now. I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, have worked in long term positions for major companies, have wonderful references and excellent reviews as well as many years of management positions. I have seriously sent out at least 100 applications/resumes and have gotten a total of three calls that secured an interview. One of the three I was offered a position and then when I was asked if I was bilingual in Spanish and told them no, they had to rescind the offer. (I really really wish I would have learned a second language at this point). I was also offered a position at a local manufacturer and had to decline due to the compensation being a total joke. The offer was less than I made in 1995! Luckily my husband is employed and is able to support us financially or else we would be up the creek. Unless you are in my situation and can really wait it out for an extreme amount of time for the right position...I would not quit unless you have another position or just let them fire you if you are not living up to their expectations.
Bree Originally Answered: Would you quit this job?
When you are being overseen by someone with little or no experience in your industry, I call this "Armchair Management" These managers are not able to see the broader picture of things because they have never been in your shoes. An owner is looking for only one thing in his business, profit. Some owners realize that profit may take a while in coming if you are building a business that is customer oriented. Taking the time, training, and effort and allowing the business to grow will result in a more solid, long lasting facility with an excellent work oriented staff. If an owner cannot see this now, he never will. There are business owners who do see this. These are the kind of people that it is easy to work for. You have given everything you can of yourself already. If you cannot see a difference by now, then it's time to move on. Give your two weeks notice and let the owner know that you have given your best, wish him luck, and move along. Ask yourself, would you have stayed longer if the owner was as committed to the business as you are? Wouldn't you stay longer if he was working just as hard as you are to make a difference? Let this all be experience for you for the day that you yourself own your own business. You did a good job.
Bree Originally Answered: Would you quit this job?
I think it is reasonable. Your first mistake is using your own time to complete tasks for work. As a Manager, that is the worst thing you could do. But before you do that, you should ask the owner for some of his/her time so you can talk. Explain your issues and concerns, and see if maybe theres something the two of you can work out. If you're thinking about quiting anyway...you really have nothing to lose. But you should always talk to them first, maybe they'll surprise you and be a little understanding about it.

Bree Originally Answered: Should I quit my job?
Honestly, you're a kid. You're not responsible for supporting the household. It's your money. You should be paying for your own car insurance, but lunch, ski trips, outings all of that.. you should be able to pay for those. Its truly not fair for your mom to use that against you. It's a parent's job to support children, not vice versa. I say, if you really want to help out, keep your job and help,but don't do it because someone is guilting you into doing it. If anything, the adults need to find better jobs. My mother has never ever asked me for money to pay any bills ,no matter how hard times were.
Bree Originally Answered: Should I quit my job?
that's a tough spot to be in, but you already know that. i personally am leaning towards being a little selfish and cutting your hours for hte sake of keeping your grades up, not to socialize with friends more. that important to differentiate. that gives you the best opportunity for a brighter future and then you'll be able to really help out. though seeing your famliy struggle is never an easy thing to do and of course you want to help them as much as possible. and i'm sorry but everyone else will have to find a way to step it up in the meantime. cut all unnecessary expenses and pinch every penny. i mean to the extreme. have your parents take on 2 or 3 jobs, sell extra stuff, pretty much anything to save a penny. it'll add up. just my suggestion. good luck

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