Help me do you think this is romantic or just pathetic? And please be honest?

Help me do you think this is romantic or just pathetic? And please be honest? Topic: How to write a poem for your parents
June 19, 2019 / By Darnell
Question: Hello, my name is Juan Lopez Morales. I am 16 and I've had a crush on this girl for five years. She broke up with her boyfriend like three months ago, and I've been giving her time to recuperate, however I haven't gotten up the courage to ask her out. I have made a plan, please tell em if it is good? Thank you. First, I will tell you about me. I moved to the United States from Colombia twelve years ago. My crush is also Colombian. I am in all AP classes in High School, and I am (I'll admit it) a nerd. But I am also nice, and I like to hang out with people and make jokes. I am a bit of a perfectionist though. So anyway, my crush and I are both Colombian. That's how we met. We would talk and talk. ABout a year after I met her, I introduced her to my parents. After she left, they said, "What an educated, kind, intelligent, and beautiful young girl!" I knew about the kind and intelligent part, but when they said that beautiful part, something clicked inside of me. I realized she was beautiful. So beautiful. And polite. And nice. And intelligent. And funny. I started to like her. About a year ago, I fell in love with her. I love her, I can easily imagine marrying her and being with her my whole life. So anyway, about two years ago, I started leaving some flowers and poems in her desk, however they were computer typed (She would recognize my handwriting because she said it was so neat for a boy) and labeled as "From your secret admirer." Whenever she would look at them I would say, "What is that? Who is it from?" and she would just say, 'Oh, nobody." Is it too obvious? DO you think she knows? Anyway, here is one of the poems I wrote her: The rose is blood-red, But when compared to you, it is dead. The gentle rose out of envy wanes, Upon hearing your lovely name, And as that happens my love for you grows, I just wanted you to know. Is it too sappy? Awkward? Do you think she knows, was I being to obvious, or not subtle enough? I also tell her she looks nice a lot of times, but not too frequently because i know that would come off as creepy or desperate. I also talk to her friends so she knows I'm on good terms with everyone. All her friends are good acquaintances if not friends with me, and two of them even know I like her. We kiss on the cheek, but as friends, and she's hugged me a million times, but once again as friends. I always tell her she looks great when she's insecure or sad. I also tel her how great a person she is. I made a pasta dish all by myself (I'm big on cooking) and at lunch I sat near her, eating it, and going, "Mmmm... so good" until she noticed me. I asked her if she wanted to try is, and she said yes. She loved it! So I invited her to my house for a dinner. My parents are out of town but they said it's OK, and one of my little sisters is sick so she won't be interrupting us and the other is sleeping over at a friend's house that night. So I am hoping on feeding her a meal of: Chicken cutlets, spaghetti with puttanesca sauce, garlic bread, Tossed Salad, and brownies. I have been saving up a lot of my allowance until I had enough to buy her this nice pair of earrings with opals, her birth stone. Once we are done with dinner, I will take out the earrings and give them to her, confessing about writing the poems and sending flowers and chocolates as I do so. Then I will tell her how special she is and if she wants to go out with me. Do you think this is a good diea? Guys can answer but I'd prefer a girl tell me what she thinks. Thank you!
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Best Answers: Help me do you think this is romantic or just pathetic? And please be honest?

Breda Breda | 6 days ago
Awwww That would be so sweet & perfect. How romantic! What a nice gentleman you are & i'm sure she would love to be with a guy like you. Her parents will adore you for being so good to their daughter. I really hope the two of you get together, get married, & spend the rest of your lives together. If this isn't an example of true love & beauty I don't know what is. I wish you two so much happiness together. Don't let something this special pass you by. You're such a sweetie. I wish you the best. Goodluck to you both!
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Alex Alex
ok, so basically this could go two ways. if she likes you, she'll probably think it's romantic. if she doesn't like you, she'll probably be a little weirded out and feel guilty that you got her the earrings. my advice: have fun at the dinner, don't compliment her the whole time, i mean say she looks great when she comes and give her a hug, but after that just talk and be funny and just be comfortable. at the end of dinner, if she seems like she's having a good time, just say: i want you to know something. she'll say what? then you say: i really like you, and i want to know if you'd like to do this again sometime, but as a date. and then wait for her response. i wouldn't reccomend telling her about the flowers and the secret admirer thing cuz i mean i understand that your intentions are sweet, but she'll probably find it weird. i probably would. even if i really like the guy. so just stay safe and say what i told you to say. later on, if you're dating, feel free to tell her. but not too soon in the relationship. wait at least 6 months and then ask if she knew it was you. and don't give her the earrings yet. she won't want to accept the gift until you've been dating for like.. i'd say a month.
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Tucson Tucson
u really do sound like a nerd to me. is she one too? hmm i wouldnt think that what u are doing is pathetic....its sounds very sweet to me.. the stuff u are going to do seems real matured for your age. which somehow i believe might just leave a nice impression on her...also that depends on her thinking. i'd say just go ahead with what u intend to do...keep it cool and do not get too aggressive she seems to be treating u as a very good friend...so u gotta let her know how u feel for her. way to go dude!
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Rich Rich
You're SO sweet. However, make sure she's feeling you too before making any kind of moves or even asking her to go out with you. If she initiates hanging out further, then asking her to date you would be more appropriate.
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Menahem Menahem
Holy crap, who are you? I didn't know boys like you existed! Man, if she doesn't like you then she really doesn't know what's good for her. While your date sounds extremely romantic, as I girl I would like to go on a "test run" date first. Like something easy like the movies. Then, if all goes well, do this. It would suck so much if you did all this and she didn't like you. So, easy date first and if all is good on the home front do all this. It sounds really cute and if I were her I would totally like you! XD
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Menahem Originally Answered: Am I as pathetic as I think I am?
your not pathetic. If you ever need someone to talk to you can email me. aww I'm sad for you now. :(

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