Proper Spanish sentences?

Proper Spanish sentences? Topic: Write letter spanish
June 19, 2019 / By Darlene
Question: I am writing a novel, and one of my characters, who is Mexican-American (and born in Mexico), always speaks Spanish to another character, who speaks only a little Spanish as she was born in the United States. I myself do not speak much Spanish, so I used several online translation sites to help me. But did I get it right? Do my sentences sound like they were spoken by a native speaker? That's what I need to know. Here are my sentences in Spanish and, next to each one, its intended meaning in English. Please tell me if the Spanish is properly written, if it really does mean what I think it means, and if it sounds like something a native speaker of Mexico would say. Thanks very much! 1) Perdon? Excuse me? 2) Tengo que usar el telephone. I need to use the telephone. 3) Mi dormitorio es el numero uno zero cinco. My room number is one zero five. 4) Ella fue a Detroit. She went to Detroit. 5) Haga usted necisita cualquier ayuda? Do you need any help? 6) Usted sabe que siempre estoy feliz de ayudar. You know I am always happy to help.
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Breanne Breanne | 5 days ago
If you are going to write a novel and use Spanish, you can't rely on google translate, or any other translation sites. Also, you need to write the words correctly, meaning that you need to add accents on the appropriate letters. The words on your list and none of the corrections in the other answers have accents. Perdon needs an accent on the O. Telefono needs an accent on the second E. Numero needs an accent on the U. Fue needs an accent on the E. Feliz needs an accent on the i. 1 and 6 are correct. 2) Tengo que usar el telefono. 3) Mi dormitorio es el numero uno cero cinco. 4) Ella se fue a Detroit. 5) Necesita alguna ayuda? I can't add the accents myself cause I can't do that with this computer.
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I am always infuriated by these students who post their homework wholesale on YA, asking perfect strangers to do it for them. What contribution (or sacrifice) are you prepared to make for your education? None? Wouldn't you show a lot more character if you did a rough draft of your answers, posted it on YA, and asked people to look it over for you ? That way, you would be demonstrating some initiative; you'd be showing a willingness to learn from what you already know. YA knowledge pros: let's agree on a policy of not doing people's homework for them, at least not in those cases where a person submits a whole exercise or assignment, with 10-20 sentences, without even the slightest sign that they have tried to answer any of them first. This is blatant enabling; it may even be blatant cheating. . Let's start a practice of only helping those who show they want to help themselves. Let's take the greatest interest in those people who have put forth some effort of their own by doing the exercises first

Alethea Alethea
It looks like the person is being addressed as Usted and that you'd like something in everyday Mexican slang but probably not too slangy. 1) Perdón? 2) Tengo que echar un telefonazo. ¿Me presta el suyo? 3) Mi habitación es la ciento cinco. 4) Ella se fue a Detroit. She went to Detroit./She left for Detroit. 5) Quiere ayuda? 6) Sabe que siempre estoy dispuesto/a a ayudar y con gusto. Good luck!
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Tucker Tucker
1 is right number two, switch telephone to TELEFONO 3 is right 4 would be better like this ''Ella se fue a Detroit'' for number 5 it'd be better if u just said ''Quieres ayudar? which literally means, want help? but it's way more common in spanish 6, it makes sense but u should take out usted. or even better if u say Sabes que estoy siempre dispuesto a ayudarle
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Rhett Rhett
2) Tengo que usar el telefono. 3) Mi habitacion es la numero uno cero cinco 4)Ella se fue a Detroit 5)Necesita algo de ayuda? 6)Tu sabes que me hace feliz ayudar.
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You can just say: "Pareces una buena persona". If you wanna emphasize it is meant for a boy, then say "Pareces un buen chico". This can be used both for a girl or a boy, since "persona" even though it's a feminine noun, it's used for both men and women. If you said "Te pareces", it would have a different meaning, since "parecerse" would rather mean "to look alike" or "to look like someone" instead of "seem" which is you what actually mean. In this case he doesn't like look like anyone, he just "seems" like a good person. Don't get confused by "Ed" since the proper way of writing is "pareces" and no "pareses". I guess he is confused because in Mexico they don't make any difference in pronunciation between "c" and "s". In Spain, for example, these two letters are pronounced differently, therefore you can hardly make these kind of mistakes when writing.

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