Where did it say ssn trace on a dead person? hello?

Where did it say ssn trace on a dead person? hello? Topic: Cross referencing sources in a research
June 19, 2019 / By Darleen
Question: where did the question say name or ssn trace on a dead person? of course you can access the public records on that with not much effort. ancestory.com will and can throw you off many directions. ya better start with the a to z if you are without much information. and a good site is zabasearch.com to begin with. middle name is important or initial. you have to cross-reference the information given,with what you know for relatives. once you do that , you can access public record where that person is established at now. search google for that person in that county or state.knowx.com or zabasearch is used by investigators for use of public info.anyone can access the SSDI page for info for a dead person.are we talking about a search in which the person is still alive?
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Breanna Breanna | 4 days ago
hi I do alot of people research and I wanted to let ya know that you can access a simple death search through Latter day Saints site or the state they died in if you have thier full name.. If it is a female you are searching for you have to use thier married name.. Ancestery. com is ok but alot of brick walls there if you don't know what your looking for and alot of the different sources there cost $.. genealogy.com is a better site and offers more for free.. Now Zaba is a good source but again $ so try to cross reference things you know with Zaba, Mellissa data, white pages and People search you can also do a state by state search depending on what your looking for and if that state has put the info online as a public record.. Last of all you can go to the Social Security Administration site and do a death search there but if you want the record it will cost 27.00 and it will take a few weeks to get it. You can also go to RAOGK.com and there are people there that will do searches for you ie. death transcripts , obits... it is free but they do appreciate a donation.. Also will take some time but if you have time then you can always ask.. Be sure you have as much info as you possibly can before asking others to step in and help it makes thier job alot easier.. I hope this helps and feel free to ask me I am quite experienced in this field.. Terra Baker
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Aletha Aletha
Genealogy is generally about research and documentation of dead ancestors. Additionally it's unethical to give out private information on living persons. You may have mistaken genealogy for the friends and family sorts of categories.
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