What makes men hate women so much that they go around brutalizing them and?

What makes men hate women so much that they go around brutalizing them and? Topic: What is a real man essay
June 19, 2019 / By Darien
Question: raping them and just being plain out disrespectful? Also, you see movies about it too, especially those old ones in the 60s and 70s that were labeled "snuff films" etc and its always about violence toward women. Are there women out there that hate men that much too that also kill them, disrespect them, etc? Are there films about them too? So what separates that hate and love for them? Thanks. pizzapie: excuse me, but I think you didnt read the question carefully...I also mentioned WOMEN hating men too and doing bad things so how am I being sexist? Maybe you should do your homework and research how much men on women violence there is as opposed to women on men violence? Either way, violence is violence and neither way is ok....both should be respected, thank you very much!
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Breana Breana | 2 days ago
Because they desire women and this makes the type of men you're talking about feel powerless. They don't know how to cope with showing weakness and so instead they will try and get rid of their 'weakness' by not only doing a 'macho' display of their strength but also making the woman feel weak. It gives them a feeling of superiority and fulfils (but also breeds) a desire for revenge against women for making them feel weak. As for raping, these same kind of stupid people cannot control their desires and, because they are physically so much stronger than women, they feel like they can just take what they want. Society is also to blame. It portrays women as weak sex objects (I know I'm generalising, but seriously, how many unattractive women do you see on TV compared to unattractive men? How many music videos feature borderline female prostitutes dancing and gyrating in the background?) and so people absorb and internalise that view. This is why for a girl to dress up in guy's clothing is OK, but for a man to wear women's clothing is seen as degrading. Males are seen to be of a higher status, be more in charge (ie. 'man of the house' meaning the person in charge of the house). Therefore, this is seen as the main point of women and the fact that they have personalities that matter just as much as guys is lost. Young girls who internalise this view play up to the expectations of the media and strive to become like the people they see on TV, but this doesn't help because the hollow stereotype of the stupid ('cute') woman who looks so highly sexualised ('beautiful') is repeated over and over again in real life. This makes men feel that this is all they are and so they are lesser than men, so do not need respect. Female-to-male sexism: ever heard of the SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) manifesto? It was a kind of satirical book written by a female against men, basically postulating that men are incomplete women (because the Y-chromosome is basically a very short stump of an X-chromosome) and that men are emotional cripples who cannot function in society, and must be killed. Some hardcore radical feminists took it very seriously, though, and so this kind of misandry (like misogyny, but against males) has developed. Sorry for the essay! I started typing and kept thinking of other stuff to say... /:
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Alene Alene
Err perhaps you should re-phrase your question sister to why a very small minority go around doing the things you describe. Taking the sexual desire out of the equation only a psychologically damaged person wants to hurt someone and it’s always inexcusable. So how did they become like that, gender pressure? bad parents?, bad mother? Or just a really bad person? who knows. However on the sexual issue these days the most attractive men to young women seem to be those men that border on the nasty and don’t respect them. It’s a modern curse of life being a little bit too easy so that women don’t need to take the most suitable partner anymore they just want the most exciting partner. Basically respect for other people is no longer seen as so important as perhaps 50-100 years ago. Not that they were all angels then but we didn’t hear about it so much with the media and internet everything now becomes like a contagion - its all round the world before you know it and it ‘eggs’ the worst of our society to far greater depths because they think that there are plenty of other people like them so they think its OK. Anyway there are good men and women out there.
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Trueman Trueman
Many do hate women but there are plenty that don't. I don't think them wanting sex so badly with women means they hate them, that's just where their priorities lie. All a woman has to say to a man that pressures her for sex is , "you got a hand, and if that's not good enough move along little doggy"
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Reuel Reuel
they don't hate women, there are just as many rapings done to boys as well. There is also voilence towards men, the 60's and 70's was time where women werent thought as much but times changed as you are talking about men this way you are sexist yourself, and yes of course there are women out there that hate men, this is a completely stupid question, dont generalize men, think, you are putting men down for being sexist when you are.
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Melech Melech
There are a lot of revenge movies about women killing men as well. That being the case, there are probably more stories/movies about women being brutalized because of morbid curiousity, sexuality (naked girls), and/or a feeling of power over someone else.
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1. She is controlling you. You are letting her. 2. She is irresponsible. You are the parent. 3. You are partly responsible for how things are going in your relationship. 4. Couples counselling is useless at this point. You made reference to your past which leads me to think your are behaving in ways that maybe perhaps are ways of reconciling the past. First of all I will say it's extremely difficult to look forward if you are looking back. Second I don't think you need the counsellor you have as this one is dragging you through the past. Why? It's over. All you have is here and now and do you really want to spend the time you have left in misery? Stop taking care of her. Take care of yourself and the children. Show them how to be happy no matter what life throws at them. It sounds as if perhaps your wife is wallowing in her past. You have only 1 life and you can either let it get the best of you or take the best from it. Stay strong.

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