Homework help on topic women vs. men?

Homework help on topic women vs. men? Topic: The homework short film
July 24, 2019 / By Darian
Question: I am doing a report, on how this world sees women compared to men. I am allowed to either say that they are equal to men, or show how society still sees women as lower than men. The thing is, I am supposed to find examples in movies. Does anyone know of any movies that contain a lot, or even maybe just a small short section of a movie emphasizing the equality or inequality of women and men?
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Brandy Brandy | 1 day ago
What Women Want, it's a bit cheesy but it talks about men trying to understand women. Mel Gibson also has trouble accepting Helen Hunt professionally in the beginning of the film if i remember rightly. Theres some more i'll have a think...
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Aleesha Aleesha
first knight.... you can see in that movie that men are more stronger than women.... thats why the king has a greater authority than of his wife... and many more.... goodluck!
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