What to do with old netsukes?

What to do with old netsukes? Topic: How to write age in japanese
July 24, 2019 / By Darcy
Question: I have about 14 19th century Japanese Netsukes that I have inherited, and I would love for someone who can really appreciate them to have them, how/where/to whom could I sell these to? I have recently tried posting them on ebay, but was unable to sell them there since they are made from elephant ivory. Does anyone have any direction to lead me in??
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Brandie Brandie | 10 days ago
While it's true you cannot sell them on Ebay, since Ebay can't validate their age and elephant ivory is illegal to trade in, you can still sell vintage pieces like this if you can prove their age. Get a reputable antique dealer who deals in Japanese art to look at them. He will be able to tell their age by the chop (square signature) on the bottom. With this written provenance I believe you could approach an auction house to take them to auction as a lot. I've never tried to sell ivory so I'm not positive, but this is what I believe. I remember buying netsukes in Hong Kong in the early 1980's, but not long after that elephant ivory became illegal even there. Now all you can find there is bone, tagua nut, wood, or resin copies. Realize that they are very valuable and collectors want them, so don't give them away to anyone who doesn't understand what a treasure they are. Japanese netsukes are even more valuable than Chinese ones. I treasure my netsukes as if they were jewels.
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Aleen Aleen
get a license ( this means a piece of paper that you had this for more then 35 years in the family they you can sell it , however you would get a better price if you would find the right collector and i am not so sure if you would find them online . but with the right paperwork you could try one of the japanese auction houses
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