What type of admission factors matter for a transfer student?

What type of admission factors matter for a transfer student? Topic: Admission university
July 24, 2019 / By Darcey
Question: Well I will be getting my A.A. from a florida college and supposely we are guaranteed admission in state universities but I wonder if schools also use factors such a volunteer work and extracurricular activities in order to get in. I am really not involved in anything. Has anyone gotten in with an A.A w/o having extra things and just have your admission be based on academics and/or just the fact you got an A.A?
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Brande Brande | 8 days ago
Advantages of Completing Your AA Degree Research has shown that students transferring with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from a community college increase their chances of completing a four-year Bachelor's degree with a higher grade point average. The State of Florida through the Statewide Articulation Agreement (State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.024) assures that students who graduate from Florida community colleges with an AA degree are guaranteed certain rights: Admission to one of the eleven Florida State Universities, except to limited access programs*. Acceptance of at least 60 semester hours by the state universities. No additional General Education Core requirements. Transfer of equivalent courses under the Statewide Course Numbering System. Acceptance of credits earned in accelerated programs (e.g., CLEP, AP, Dual Enrollment, Early Admission, International Baccalaureate, and AICE). With the AA degree, only the most recent final grades in repeated courses will be used in computing the GPA. Without the AA degree, no forgiveness is honored and all attempted credits are averaged into your GPA for admission purposes. Equal opportunity with native university students to enter limited access programs. Advance knowledge of selection criteria for limited access programs. Adherence to the university requirements and policies, based on the catalog in effect at the time the student first enters a community college, provided the student maintains continuous enrollment. Should any guarantee be denied, students have the right to appeal (see The Appeals Process section of the Transfer Handbook). Each state university and community college shall make available established appeal procedures through the respective articulation officers. *Limited access is the designation given to programs that require additional admission requirements, which are more selective than general admission requirements. These additional admission requirements may include the following: increased total GPA and test scores; additional courses and prerequisites; and auditions or portfolios. In such programs, selection for admission is competitive. The selection and enrollment criteria for limited access programs have been established and are published in the institutions' catalogs, counseling manuals, and other appropriate publications, Community College AA transfer. State University System of Florida The State University System (SUS) of Florida is composed of eleven public universities. Ten of them offer Baccalaureate and selected graduate degrees. New College of Florida, the eleventh and newest university, is an honors college that offers a Bachelor's of Arts degree with concentration in a variety of discipline areas. Information on the majors offered by each of the individual universities is available directly from their admissions offices. For additional transfer information, click here. Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida Florida's Communities Colleges have an articulation with the Independent colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF). The agreement guarantees the community college AA degree students will enter as juniors, receive at least 60 credit hours toward their Bachelor's degree, and receive recognition for the General Educational Core taken at the community college. For more information visit www.icuf.org I completed my AA at MDC and transfrered to FIU very fast. Regular new students take 4 to 6 weeks to get in, but they accepted me in jsut two.
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Brande Originally Answered: Admission to UC Berkeley ~ Transfer?
I usually wouldn't answer this since I'm not well versed on the subject, but since you have no answers at this point I'll give it a shot. If you were a California student you would be very competitive and would most likely be accepted. But as an out of state transfer, it lowers your chances. You have great stats, but that doesn't always seal the deal. Berkeley places a lot of emphasis on the personal statement (admissions essay) and if you write an amazing one, I think you'll get in. Keep in mind you will be paying a very high tuition rate coming from out of state, but perhaps you're already familiar with that being a CT resident in Florida. Lastly, check out http://askmssun.livejournal.com/ for some great tips and advice on how to get into Cal. I credit Ms. Sun (who runs that blog, and is a top answerer here on the higher education page) a great deal with my acceptance to Cal and UCLA. And don't forget UC applications are due online by November 30th which is coming up fast. Good luck to you!
Brande Originally Answered: Admission to UC Berkeley ~ Transfer?
i havent heard from berkeley the two yet ive been looking on line and a few human beings are starting to be their rejection/acceptance letters. i merely wish its no longer what human beings been telling me that the later your letter comes the greater probably that's a rejection

Brande Originally Answered: Be honest,what are my chances of admission as a transfer?
No not in the least. You can even get into ivies like Cornell and prestigious schools like NYU and Amherst - with full scholarship no less: http://admissions.cornell.edu/pathway/in... http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/22/educat... About the only school that is probably beyond you is Harvard -they only take in 2-3 transfers from community colleges each year. In fact plenty of students who can easily get direct entry to elite schools are doing exactly that to save money - and elite schools like Amherst are accommodating them by aggressively targeting them. I also want to add another option is simply complete your studies at the CC then transfer to you local state university to complete your bachelors and save the prestigious schools for your post grad. If you don't get a scholarship or some kind of discounted tuition that may be the most cost effective option. Best of luck. Thanks Bill
Brande Originally Answered: Be honest,what are my chances of admission as a transfer?
Both the GPA at your community college and re-doing the ACT and/or taking the SAT also will probably help. You have nothing to lose and a better school to gain, so go for it!!
Brande Originally Answered: Be honest,what are my chances of admission as a transfer?
You need to get that ACT score up into the 30s and keep your GPA above a 3.7 to think of applying for such selective schools.

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