Why does society tell women they have to be skinny?

Why does society tell women they have to be skinny? Topic: Why did the sister wives family have to move
June 19, 2019 / By Dani
Question: It seems like more and more husbands are falling into the clutches of celebrity-ism. It is sad. Why do more husband want to leave their wives because they do not look like what is on the cover of a magazine or Halley Berry, Heidi Klum? It is sad and becoming too much of a problem. What ever happened to marrying, or staying married to someone for better or worse. And now more married men are sleeping with wives bestfriends and sisters. It makes me so mad. Why do these idiots get married and hurt their wives and families. My sisters husband just cheated on her with a co-worker in her house and in her bed. Told her that her body changed and look at the other woman and look at her. My sister was int he hospital for two months. I would have whipped his ***. What is wrong does anyone respect marriage vows these days? General question here please comment.
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Bonita Bonita | 3 days ago
Why are so many "best friends" and so called sisters sleeping with everyone's husbands? Not letting the guys off the hook here...but it's a fair question. The fact is...we've become a self-centered society. We banish morality because it's constrictive. We abolish God because we don't want to follow the rules. We scoff at tradition because we don't want restraint. And then we're amazed that your husbands are cheating on you with our wives. Frankly, I think I'm going to move to the mid west and build a fort around my family. A very good question, btw! Good Luck!
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Bonita Originally Answered: How did society come up with the idea that skinny is beautiful?
I just did a 7 page research paper on this. Basically, if a few people back in the day got skinny and were famous other people follow. they follow bc we are inevitably exposed to media pretty much as much as we are exposed to oxygen. so a few people on the tv or in the magizines do it and a hundred people that see them do it. people only think skinny is in bc they are taught that skinny is in. children watch 3-4 hours of TV a day, and 1/3 commercials is about being skinny. they only know what we teach and what we teach is skinny is cool.

Alannah Alannah
I've been thinking about this lately too. Makes me not want to get married. You hear so often of infedility and extramarital affairs and no doubt the woman is almost always younger or skinner or something like that. If you figure every time you hear of it, even just times it by two for the instances that aren't out yet or never came out, how often do you think men cheat on women? Or even, women cheating on their husbands with younger men who want a MILF or a stronger man or with a richer man. It's awful. More people need to read the bible.
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Trenton Trenton
I agree with you completely. My husband has this tendency to make comments such as "your fat" and call me things such as "lard bucket"...yet honestly I am not fat! Side note: (not that anyone asked) but his mother instilled in him the idea that (because she is) women have to be very small and very skinny...I'm over 6 foot tall so there is no way I'll ever weigh 110 pounds. Anyway, the media has put such a hype on what stereotypical beauty is. Because of this, one of my favorite movies is "Phat Girls". Our society will be a much better place when people are able to move beyond being superficial and see that each person/woman is different and that the stereotypical beauty is impossible!
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Reg Reg
The pressures of society have always been there. Whether a person is shallow enough to buy into them is up to them. But I would question what they were like before the woman gained weight as well as the woman's judgment of this person. However no one should be letting themselves fall to pieces. Yes, all of us will gain weight, get wrinkles and lose our beauty due to having children and normal aging, but that doesn't mean we should completely let ourselves go. What I really want to know is what is with all the women putting up with this BS and dating the married men? Seriously ladies we should be supporting each other, not ruining one another's lives.
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Maynerd Maynerd
I think that some men have extra high standards, and it sucks. If my husband ever brought another woman to OUR bed, God only knows what I would do.
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Maynerd Originally Answered: To the women who say its a patriarchal society that oppresses women, and men are inherently evil?
You are right mate. The feminazis should be grateful to men for all these things. Without their hard work, we wouldn't be so much technologically advanced. And if you see, most of men's money is flowing towards females anyway. So why do they complain. Its probably those old females who have now become less attractive, they are bitter now, so they start hating men!

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