How does home school work?

How does home school work? Topic: Submit parenting essays
June 17, 2019 / By Dandrenor
Question: I'm a senior and I want to finish my last half home schooled. How does home schooling actually work when you go to a college, what do you tell them? (hey i've been home schooled, I don't have a diploma?) how does my dad do the transcript? He's a single parent. The school that I'm going to now is in Morton, Mississippi. I don't exactly know their laws. Will home schooling affect me somehow?
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Bonduca Bonduca | 2 days ago
All colleges accept homeschoolers; a transcript is just a lisst of what you've studied. A diploma is just a pretty certificate to hang on the wall-- it's a symbol that you've finished your course of studies. It is not the graduation itself, it's just a symbol of the graduation for your scrapbook. No colleges ask to see your diploma, they just want to know what you learned, hence the transcripts. Then you have to also submit what ever any other student would have to submit: standardized test scores, essay, references, etc. You have to look up the state homescool laws for Mississippi. Not sure your last semester is the best time to start-- homeschooling is a different model of education. It can take you transition time to get use to it before it really begins to benefit you. But as long as your dad follows your state laws, keep your transcripts in order and your SAT or ACT scores are decent you'll be fine.
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Alanna Alanna
They don't ask for a diploma. Yes, your dad makes a transcript. Easy! There are templates and samples online, but basically you make a school name (most people name their home schools for legal or other reasons), your name, date of birth. List classes and grades. Any extras, like volunteer work or test scores. Date of graduation. Your dad signs and dates it. My daughter's included the date of a state test to get her equivalency certificate. It doesn't matter what the laws are for your school now, since they will issue you a transcript of the grades for classes you took with them. What you need to do it go by the laws for home schooling after you leave them. http://www.homeschoolacademy.com/resourc... If you are only going to do half a year, why not just graduate early? Mississippi laws lets each home school set how many days in its school year. So, you could leave your school now, file as a home school and be done, if I read the law correctly. Contact some Mississippi home school support group and make sure. It won't affect college at all! http://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/hs-...
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