Do you think John Karr (the suspect in the Ramsey case) is acting crazy on purpose?

Do you think John Karr (the suspect in the Ramsey case) is acting crazy on purpose? Topic: Ramsey case suspects
July 24, 2019 / By Dandrane
Question: If he acted this crazy before, why would the Ramsey's hang out with him? Is he just acting wild eyed and wearing his pants up to his armpits on purpose?
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Best Answers: Do you think John Karr (the suspect in the Ramsey case) is acting crazy on purpose?

Bobbie Bobbie | 1 day ago
I think he did something bad in Thailand and confessed to this crime which he knows a lot about in order to get sent back to the US where his confession will be proven a lie at which time he will be free from the charges in Thailand because the US has deemed their punishments (castration in some cases) to be cruel and unusual.
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Bobbie Originally Answered: Jonbenet Ramseys confessed killer John Karr's ex-wife announced she was with him the night of the murder?
He's probably a nutcase and wants the attention. Or, as others suggest, he could be attempting to escape Thai justice. But, it's hard to believe they would just release him if he had committed a serious offense in Thailand. And, he's probably innocent since he has already been questioned and investigated. But, we shall see, I suppose.

Alanis Alanis
I think John Karr truly crazy but because I think he did not kill the girl. According to his wife, he was with her all Christmas break in ALABAMA not Colorado so there was no way he could have gone that far without her noticing. Another, there were no footsteps in the snow, sure perhaps they got rid of it but what can be explained about no forced entry of the gate? It means that the murder would have to have been in their house for quite a long time. This case is truly confusing. Perhaps it was a plan to distract Americans and then terrorists would strike. Perhaps he did it on purpose to get out of Thailand. Who knows.
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Travis Travis
I know the Thai police were already closing in on him for violation of their laws against pedophilia! I lived in Thailand two years, and have seen the jails. Yes, he would do "anything" to get extradited to the cozy resorts we Americans call jails! Though it is pretty certain that he is a pedophile, it is NOT so firmly established that he isn't a faker as to the Jon Ramsey case! And, I have a problem in all the logic trail of the forensics. I do know the Boulder Police really screwed up the crime scene. And, we have a "confession" that he was there when she died, but, he infers that someone else killed her! There is more to the mystery.
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Rees Rees
I suspect he got busted for having sex with young girls in Thailand, so he is doing this to get back to the US. Maybe he thinks they will just let him go when the DNA test shows he was not the one who killed JonBenet. I think he is going to be surprised: The US prosecutes its citizens who travel outside the country to have sex with children under 17. On the other hand, he has obviously been totally obsessed with her case for years, and has done an enormous amount of research including talking to all sorts of people close to it. That's why he knows some "secret" details. (Nothing remains secret after a few years!) Maybe the stress of being arrested in Thailand put him over the edge, and now he really believes he was with JonBenet Ramsey.
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Maximilian Maximilian
particular factors of our privateness are being invaded. as an party some human beings dont comprehend that Vonage is a authorities made and monitored telephone company and once you've Vonage(I do) your telephone is continuously tapped. I do consider monitoring particular triggerwords or words that folk seem up on the cyber web search for engines operating example: a thanks to make a bomb, loose baby porn. basically relies upon on the project. oh and through the way I dont imagine Karr did it. i imagine he needs interest. you may tell through his disposition, how he walks, talks, and what he says. i imagine that he thinks he did it yet fairly didnt. The goverment didnt commence monitoring his emails unti he all started emailg Patsy Ramsey about files about the homicide and she alerted the authorities.
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